Samsung One UI 2 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features You Must TRY – 2020 New Features

Samsung One UI 2 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features You Must TRY – 2020 New Features

Samsung has released One UI 2 Android 10 Update to Most of its devices. In this video, Lets check out some amazing One UI 2 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features That You Must TRY. All these hidden features are amazing and it will definitely improve your android experience.

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  1. Guys, Make sure to watch this video fully and for those Who have not received one ui 2 update in Galaxy a50 yet. Wait for sometime, you will get it very soon 🔥🔥

  2. I have Samsung a30 and I didn't get the inbuilt screen recording in the notification panel. How to get it . Please reply

  3. Hi. You didnt answer my question 😅 what theme did you use on the second phone. Can you teach me please?

  4. People on one ui 2 with a50 and a40 dont have the screen recorder option

  5. I did not get screen recorder option in samsung galaxy a50s… please can you please solve this ???

  6. In developer mode i changed Icon shap as you showed in Your video but not working on My galaxy A30s after i restart it to but didn't get it

  7. I didn't get that sound assistant app on my a10 pls send me a link of that app or in ur description and how I get the screen recorder in my Samsung A10?

  8. I don't have the notification panel screen recorder. How can I get it?

  9. So useful! I didn't heard of these updates from the other well-known youtubers, only from you. You're awesome dude! Keep up the cool work! Definitely worthy of getting subscribed to! Looking forward to Part 2! 🍻

  10. How to set fingerprint app lock for Samsung s10 lite.. Please reply me.. Sir

  11. I have question.., my phone is A50 and my previous screen shot side key was lower volume key + power button..then after updating it one UI 2.0 and android 10 the screen shot key is now power button key..if i press volume down + power where can i found that screen shot button..thank you

  12. guys i need help,i turned on the new gestures but i only get floating balls 😭😭

  13. My a50 after android 10 became a bit laggy but it will soon be fixed in the next security update.

  14. i want to know how you get this background theme 1:02 1:56

    it looks so cool

    plz let me know its name or the way how i can find it

    thanks for all information from korea

  15. No update here yet. Would be nice if they updated everywhere at the same time instead of a select few places first all of the time.

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