Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review: Good notepad, bad notebook

While the rest of the industry may have given up on making premium Android tablets, Samsung isn’t quitting just yet. It still believes Google’s software has the potential to power superthin and light 2-in-1s, and so it recently unveiled a new version of its hybrid tablet. The Galaxy Tab S6 is a 10.5-inch device that’s designed for people who need to get work done on the go. It comes with an upgraded S Pen that features so-called Air Gestures for remote control of your apps; enhanced…


  1. SAMSUNG is Coolest You can watch YouTube and you can watch Netflix You can take a picture with your SAMSUNG pen that will be $649⁹⁹ at the Best buy.

  2. Thank you CherLynn Low for your review. It really gave me a lot of information to make a decision. Appreciate your simple explanation and great narration of the product. Plus your great suggestions and nuances. Don't pull any punches and let Samsung have it haha. It's the only way they improve the products is through review feedback. Have a wonderful day and Stay Safe

  3. Waste of money.
    Where is the…..(pause for the effect)……
    Flash/ flash light?
    Wireless charger?
    The fast charging adapter in the box?
    Easy mode for children and the elderly
    Wireless keyboard?
    Affordable keyboard? (amazon had a wireless bluetooth keyboard for 34 and it's really nice)
    Option to remove bixby off of the device… completely…. permanently?
    Option to set this up with my phone?, oh I found it and it doesn't work
    At&t version, I see verizon tmobile?
    The unlocked version? I travel and want to pop in random sim cards.
    The camera resolution front and back?
    Where is the compatibility to microsoft? ( you know that thing that everyone grew up with) and it damn sure isn't Dex.
    Affordable book cover? Oh I found it on Amazon and again it was only $15 and identical to Samsung's 56 dollar one.
    The ability to delete google apps? I purchased this it's mine and I should be able to do what I want with my property. So if I don't want bixby and google I would be able to get rid of them off of my device right? That I paid for with my money right?

  4. I got this tab a week ago. The screen is noticeably darker in the bottom left corner, then becomes brighter in the top right corner. Far from looking premium… Is anyone else having this issue?

  5. I think after a month of trying to decide which tablet to buy Im going to go with the TAB S6. I already have a 2017 15 inch mac book pro with touch-bar. I don't sketch/draw, and I don't do video editing. Ipads are insanely expensive in Canada starting at $1000 dollars for the lowest memory and not including a magic keyboard or apple pencil. After buying those items and paying the taxes, we're talking $1600 dollars easily. I don't need another laptop I already have one. I want to watch netflix, have a beautiful kobo e-reader, play some games, surf the web and maybe do a little bit of note taking and drawing. The S6 comes with a pen that has multiple interchangeable tips, and that gorgeous screen is awesome. Not to mention its super light, super thing and nice thin bezel all around. This just seems like a no brainer now at this point. This is obviously what will best suite my needs, although everyone is different. Took me almost a month to get to this point and this review really really helped. And for all your Americans, this tablet still costs $899 up here, plus taxes lol. I hope I can find a bit of a deal and then I'll jump on it. Happy hunting everyone!

  6. This is the worst review, disliking. It's a tab not a computer what do you expect??? Of course it's not gonna be a full on Windows experience! It will take a lot of time to make a device like that. Are you an idiot expecting it to work like a windows? If yes, then no! Remember, this is a TAB. Not a windows meaning it has stuff that prevents it from being an actual windows.

  7. Thank you so much for your review !!! Your voice is soothing and you’re so knowledgeable. Hard to find here lol keep up the content !! πŸ˜‡πŸ’œ

  8. I was leaning towards the tab s4 and I admit I was as butthurt as the rest of the commenters but you made me wait for a better tab to come out before I wasted my money. And you recognized the improvements in this one so your reviews are more fair than everyone makes them out to be.

  9. Worst review and Worst reviewer.. big dislike πŸ‘Ž

  10. Just bought the S6 for work-at-home tasks a month ago. Was torn between a thin notebook, Surface, or an Ipad. What a great android device this.
    The thing that surprised me the most: the sound quality out of those AKG tuned 4 speakers. Amazing.

    Cons so far: catalogue of productivity apps still can't match Apple and Windows. There used to be Adobe Rush on play store but I don't why it disappeared.

    Also, don't bother getting the keyboard case. I could live if it offers adequate typing experience but the back cover retention is not that good and the price is absurdly expensive.

  11. cant really understand her. Is she reviewing or complaining?? Whats wrong with her tone tho

  12. I haven't commented on youtube for years.. But who exactly is this lady and why is she even allowed to review this tab or even the dex functionality on Engadget? An 8 year old could do a better review. I use Dex on my S9+ and it's amazing. This lady should do reviews on brooms and mops not tech.

  13. When about 25% are dislikes. Should probably just stop doing videos

  14. Nice review, good presentation. Great to see a review that isn't about gaming performance. Nice tablet.

  15. Your chicken stretch is really bad and should not be used as an example

  16. Me and my brother are planning to save up for a Galaxy Tab s6, and we were confused about the whole keyboard thing so we decided to watch some reviews. We only watched the beginning so far, and just one question: Does the keyboard cover come WITH the s6, like when we buy it we'll get it, or is it sold separately like as an accessory?
    Edit: I heard this was a bad review, but we're not actually looking for a review , just a description on the keyboard thingy.

  17. I have the s6. And old owner of iPad pro. More happy with s6. Both are tablets. For tablet, buy tablet. For laptop… Buy laptop πŸ˜‰

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