Samsung Galaxy Tab A – New Features

We recently got a hands on look with the brand new 2015 Samsung Galaxy Tab A. In this video Josh goes over the various new features on this exciting new line of tablets.


  1. I really need your help. I don't know what I did but my touch screen will not work unless I hold the back button and touch the screen at the same time. I don't know if this is a defect or an actual feature. Please help me turn this off. If you had a similar experience, what did you do to fix it? Please help. The guys at Samsung store couldn't answer me and I can sense they don't know how to fix it for lack of experience. Galaxy Tab A. Thanks

  2. Hi Thanks For Sharing this video. I'm watching these videos reviews of the Samsung Galaxy tab A tablet; because I new to it cause I only just got my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0" inch tablet for Christmas. So I'm trying to learn the features of it. Anyways I look forward to your reply asap. Tafs

    NB: So Far I think I like it better than the tablet I had before which was a Nexus 7 android tablet which got damaged with me by accident. Tafs.

  3. mine doesn't have ultra power saving mode. . its a Tab A SM-T550 Android 7.1.1 any information would be appreciated and my smart manager just disapeared

  4. first thing to do, remove kids mode…Wish he had talked more about some of the 'grown up' features.

  5. I got this on black Friday at Office Max. It was really strange. Next door their was a nail place with a very long line full of women. There was only about 3 people at OM. I use this tablet almost every day. I was only interested in this because it has Microsoft Office in it. I knew it would be great since it comes from Samsung and I was right.

  6. I want to buy this but I heard the menu button don't light up when using this device on dark area..

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