Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Tips & Tricks!

5 tips to improve the Galaxy S6 Edge’s battery life. Read more:

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  1. my battery decreases so fastly and I also changed it but its still same

  2. normaly during a 2 minutes video on 1080p, i loosed around 2 to 3% of batterie life, but now for 10mins vids my s6 edge loose 1 To 2%

  3. What happens when your mom she barley found her Samsung galaxy s6 edge from 1 year she put it to charge but the battery drains really fast and it takes long for it to charge what should I do and it has a bad imei and its blocked for tmobile

  4. my battery is dead after 1 hour every morning this sucks I had to pay $700 for this and then I have to turn it back in?!!!!

  5. is it only me but what's wrong with his body movements? maybe he had 5 redbulls before he shoot the video

  6. hey guys , how do i safety charge my s6 edge without damaging battery?

  7. Thanks for the tips, they've been really useful. Gonna do one for the S7?

  8. hello …i want ask something about samsung s6 edge..while my phone battery is always overheating???can you tell me what i should to do…

  9. I've done all these tips and more and still I'm losing about 10% an hour, even when not using it …..galaxy s6 battery life is really disappointing

  10. why does the location get put on by itself once my phone hits 15% battery life.. it's weird that it does that.. crazy please help

  11. thanks for a nice review,so how many hours did you get after using all this tips for a mid to high demanding usage?

  12. thanks for good tips android authority.
    I have samsung s6 ( not edge) facing battery drain problem. while sleeping with wifi on but without receiving any calls and without turning screen on, battery drops by 30 % in 6 hours. is it normal with s6 or my handset is having some problem?
    please others also mention thr experience about standby and usage time.

  13. What the hell was wrong with his mouth? Man u need to clean ur ugly mouth before speaking.

  14. Sure, there was a bit much repetitious moving of hands and sound/video leaves a bit room for improvement, but the tips were good and presented in an efficient way, as in no babbling on about irrelevant stuff, no getting lost in side tracks and no vast pauses thinking about what to say next. I found several of the tips useful and they inspired me to find some other settings to change too. Thumbs up.

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