Samsung galaxy S6 easy connection to Mac

Easily connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge to your Macbook or iMac. Transfer files and music easily.
Download Airdroid from the playstore on your S6
go to on your mac.
make sure both are on the same wifi network.
You do not need to sign up. Just press the bar code symbol on
your phone in the airdroid app and scan the barcode on the screen.


  1. This has been great – having tried Android File Transfer and Smart Switch and making my phone "developer capable" I was beginning to lose confidence that this could even be done. Airdroid is now on V4.0 something, but the instructions are basically the same – I can now easily move all my holiday photos onto my Mac and see them in full screen, so great job!

  2. Thank you SO SO MUCH! This is the first time I have actually been able to transfer things from my phone to my mac after many failed and frustrating attempts! Cheers Mate!

  3. I have same Wifi connection and I've stopped at Permission Request I cant go any further. Any advice please.

  4. Just what the Dr. ordered!! Thanks so much for your time and expertise (:-))

  5. Really helpful, thanks a lot. Should not have been this difficult as Android File Transfer was not connecting. This worked great!!

  6. Does AirDroid transfer photos in high resolution and with the photo details? I generally use a dual flash drive but lately, it’s not working properly. Thanks

  7. Id like to use this but they request access to bank account and other private information to be stored on a third party server . YOU HAVE TO READ THE DISCLAIMERS

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