Samsung Galaxy S4 – How to improve battery life!

Have a Galaxy S4? Do yoy want to have the best battery life possible? Check out our great list of tips and tricks on how to improve your battery life on your Galaxy S4!

Also, check out our other video on how to improve your Android’s battery life! –

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  1. You are talking and moving through your presentation way way way too fast.

  2. Geez, a lot of angry people on this channel. I personally thought this video was helpful. But I'm the type of guy who doesn't tinker with my phone too much. I just watch videos and check my email.

  3. Turning stuff off and dimming the screen seem to have minimal effect to battery life on S4. For example doesn't make any difference when I'm reading black text on white background in Google Chrome and I use inverted colors. So when background turns black and text is white one would imagine that amoled saves tons of battery but no, screen seem to consume constant amount of battery all the time.

  4. My Samsung s4 is too crappy it auto shut at 57% thn when I turn it on it is 0%

  5. I have 5600mah extended battery and still it'll run down at rate of 1% per 2-3 minutes when I'm using the phone. And yeah I've tried every trick to improve battery usage including downgrading to Kitkat. Strangest thing is that when I watch videos stored in sd card with the built in video player, battery usage is only 1% per 10min. But whatever else I'm doing with the phone it seems to heat up and eat battery like candy. Everyone is claiming it's the display that eats most of the power but that doesn't seem to be the case because display brightness doesn't affect that much when I watch stored videos. Biggest battery eater seem to be Android OS itself.

  6. Stupid. Advise the steps on HOW to remove apps, not WHICH apps to remove. Really Stupid.

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