Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Top 10 Battery Saving Tips

Here are my top tips for saving battery on your Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus! Even though the 4,100mAh battery does well out of the box, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of a tweak and extend the battery life even more. The first 10 tips will give you the most benefit and the last 10 are just a few additional ones which will, over time, all add up in getting the most out of your battery.

Do you have any tips of your own? Be sure to let me know down in the comments below…


  1. reduce the screen resolution to HD and use natural display. this will dramatically reduce the battery consumption

  2. I have an s10 and already turned down pretty much everythig but still don´t get good battery life…

  3. Please suggest what lens did u use to capture this? also what was the camera settings to shoot this? for some reason I am not able to capture phone screen so clear with my canon 6d mark ii with 15-30 mm 2.8 lens

  4. Let's all buy a S10 an turn everything off and hey presto you now have a Nokia 3310

  5. in my setting with night mode , the background of these setting is grey color, it is not same as yours with black color?

  6. If i shut down all those things you recomment i better buy a cellphone around 200 to 250 euro's. Then i save money also, not only battery time.

  7. My battery is terrible on S10plus i have it on QHD and only getting 4 hours 30 minutes screen on time. Exynos Version. In this day you shouldnt have to turn settings off to get a decent battery

  8. Nice tips I sure do wish I knew those before but thanks for doing them now I know how to do them!

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