Samsung Galaxy S10 How To Save Battery Life & Make It Faster Tips & Tricks

Our video is finally here for the Samsung Galaxy S10 how to save battery life and & make the faster. These work for the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus & Galaxy S10e

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  1. I did what you suggested on you r video I think it was 30 things to do to my s10 but when I was finished I could no longer text picks so I had to call my service to help me get that back. what did I do wrong to create this problem?

  2. I heard that using wi-fi actually decreases battery life…

  3. If your magnet charger connectors stop connecting cleanly use larger magnets to "clean" them by attracting the stuck tiny metal parts to the larger magnet, sorted r kid!

  4. If you turn off alot, might as well buy a shitty phone… just activate the power mode when u need it if you want auto Put in bixby routine @5:10.

  5. You do know you can just reduce animations trough regular settings without enabling developer options

  6. Am I the only one who can't use their phone when they turn off the navigation bar?

    Black and gold is my background/ theme of choice

  7. Thank you very helpful. I would be so lost without these videos so thanks for taking the time to share and teach others. Much appreciated.

  8. I did this when I first got my phone and I felt like it helped. Well, I had to file a claim and got another phone. Now, I know it works. I just followed your steps again. I will be testing this new phone out tomorrow because my battery went down faster today than my old one ever did.

  9. So does Sleeping apps actually work? I put most of my apps to sleep but I still get notifications from them despite the warning that sleeping apps might not get notifications. And despite putting YouTube to sleep several days ago, it still has 6 hours of background activity. So what gives?

  10. You do a great job with these videos. It's helped me with my new phone. Thank you!

  11. I did what you said in video, plus downloaded a battery saving app from the Google Play store .

  12. Trying this out and I will let you know if my battery life improved… Good job on the vid btw!

  13. After most of my life of being an iPhone user, I switched to Samsung two weeks ago. No regrets. Thanks for this video. This is super helpful for newbie Android users like me.

  14. It's normal that i have -10% at battery per hour? S10 plus, using messenger and facebook

  15. Hey, i realised that adaptive power saving mode turned off automatically and went to medium power saving mode by itself? Can you help with this please??

  16. Great video! One question though, is it better to turn off background data usage within the app or turn on data saver within the data usage setting?

  17. Can you tell us the battery life from stock settings to the settings you changed on this video

  18. Some of these changes have made my battery life, I am watching this to change all the settings back again.

  19. Are you saying in 1:40 about the point about "Turn on wi-fi automatically" is that it's more battery efficient than turned off? If so, could you please tell me why?

  20. Thanks for the great tips. Applied them today. Turning the animations off has already resulted in a visible difference of making the UI faster. In regards to the other tips, i will have to give it time to see how they work. Thanks for the video.. Great going!

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