Samsung Galaxy S10 – First 12 Things To Do!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – First 12 Things To Do! | Galaxy S10e Tips & Tricks

Here are 12 (plus a bonus) settings you need to change on your brand new Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ or S10e. These are going to be basic and advanced tips and tricks to get the most out of your S10/S10e after unboxing it.

Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR Battery Life DRAIN TEST:
Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max SPEED Test:


  1. Just swapped from iphone. I know 0 about galaxy. However everything mentioned I fugured on my own. I was really hoping for something more.

  2. i ordered my galaxy s10 last night, cant wait to get it, i know s20 is out, but fuck it, s10 is just as awesome 😀

  3. Tell us about the 5G stuff, do we need to update or what? They told I can use 5g on the s10……

  4. Hi I have the s10 plus was able to unlock with fingerprint but now it does not show fingerprint anymore. The phone says phone unlocked by smartlock how do I get it to work again with fingerprint unlock again please

  5. I wish the edge lighting would work for all the apps ! Having a light notification is a HUGE feature for when you have your phone on silent and still need to see when you have a notification from for example your kid having an emergency or what have you. I miss the notification led light on the S6 and you could customize the color to which contact.. for example if I set it to yellow on snap I know it would be my kiddo messaging me thru that app. This edge lighting is a lot more tricky. I cant even switch to the Verizon messaging (the red icon) to customize and have more options because the edge lighting stops working! I hate it. I wish this guy would have talked about the edge lighting but he only touches on the edge panel..hmmm I wonder why? A LOT of people in the Samsumg community forum are having this notification issue and are not happy. CMON Samsung what the hell? Otherwise I love the phone, but that notification feature is important unless you like checking your phone every 5 min to see if you have a message aside from the sound because what if you have to have it on silent and still want to know if you have an important message?? And why in the world would it only work when the phone is on? (some people reported this, as well as myself so I restored to default and Im trying this whole set up ALL over again! ) anyway, that feature of seeing the light only when in use defeats the purpose! So Im considering exchanging this phone out if it doesn't perform AS ADVERTISED!

  6. 🙆‍♂️ So im watching this in the bathroom just in time before i make my purchase from s6 edge 😂 thank you! Cant wait!

  7. For those anyone who have s10+, pls reply me and download fortnite i will explain everything

  8. Your video is quite informative, I especially like the camera tips since I haven't played around a lot with those settings. Actually the very first thing I did with my phone was to go into settings and delete or disable all of the preloaded apps that were of no use to me. The Best Buy associate did a great job of transferring my previous apps from my old Galaxy S6 Edge , ( yikes ) that still works! I also went into builder ( seven taps), and turned off the animations there. This makes for a super-fast load. Aka, Beast Mode. Overall ,good job! 👍🏾

  9. Watching on my OnePlus 7 Pro but I'll be getting my S10 tomorrow 🙂 lol also how does light mode make it look old and outdated lmao WTF 😆

  10. Thank you so much from London. Got my mobile yesterday and learnt so so much from your video.

  11. I'm waiting for the S20 to come out to buy the S10.
    Like I bought my S7 when the S9 came out.

    I'm disappointed that the S20 doesn't have a smaller size. I actually want the S20, in the size S10e.

    save money 101

  12. On the s8 alwayd on and high screen sleep timer makes pixel burn in^^ my message scree, acrion buttons are burned in. Really hope this is not a problem with the s10

  13. Good info!! I got free Samsung Galaxy S9 device because I joined a giveaway last week!! I'm happy af. Give it a shot – just search Samsung Giveaway Monster on Google and join for free.

  14. it more accurate to use the in screen fingerprint than the biomotric in the s10e and the in screen is faster
    me: let me find a real tech guy who knows whats up

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