Samsung Galaxy Note 9 How To Speed Up & Improve Battery Life – YouTube Tech Guy

Our video on how to Dramatically Improve Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & Make it A Lot Faster

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  1. I get about 6.5 of SOT. I notice watching movies it does a good job at conserving battery. But when it comes to Facebook, SC, etc. Those really kill the battery.

  2. Omg this works!! My note suddenly doesn't not drop 1% every 2 min!! I have tried so many ways to max battery but this is the best. Immediate effect.

  3. I've had my note 9 since early December of 2018 and it is my favorite phone by far to date. I already knew most of these tips but there were 1 or 2 that helped out. Also with the updates some of the things on the settings screen have changed and been made more difficult to find but fortunately Samsung included a search option to help you find things you are looking for.
    As much as I want to play with my new gadget I always go through the apps and disable or uninstall what it will let me that I don't need to help improve the performance and save on memory, although this phone come loaded with a great amount of memory both long and short term out of the box, even the battery lasts a good amount of time out of the box. I would definitely recommend this phone over anything Apple but then again I do not like Apple products.

  4. Keep in mind the battery life on the Note 9 is fantastic already. Never really had it run out of juice after a full charge.

  5. This video no longer is accurate all these menus have changed you need to refilm cause this did not help at all I had to keep stopping the videos to look for the thing in my phone cause its completely different after the update

  6. He lost 2% in just under 6minutes.. are you sure these tricks work?

  7. After a lot of hustle I finally got my note 9 to work properly, but what I expected and what I got is two different thing, I thought the battery would last for a full day which it did not, and my old phone battery stays longer than the note 9, and I am having a lot of doubts I hope your video wiIl help. Will update you!

  8. why isnt the WIFI power saving mode not there for my Note 9??? o.o is it because of the update?

  9. I signed in just to say this is the best note 9 video I've seen so far. Straight to the point, no filler.

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