Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – 10 Tips to Dramatically Extend Battery Life

In this video, I would like to share 10 tips that will dramatically extend or increase the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Under normal circumstances, the Note 8’s battery should last you a full day of use, but sometimes it drains faster so be aware of these tips to extend your battery life.

Let’s dive in and discover.

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  1. Hey there!!!!!!! in my samsung note 8 when phone charge reached in 20% after that its draining too fast like 20 to 9% then 3% then 0 also suppose when its in 3% i put on charge but that time don't charge but shows its charging till then goes 0 % then start charging….it will so helpfull if u can give me any suggestion…

  2. Wow, I would never have guessed that the battery savings mode extends battery life! This Saki dude is a genius!

  3. this tips is still useful on 2018!! my battery every 5mins drain 4percent. after watching this video . its improve alot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks!

  4. What is your longest time, you use on this phone, like up to ? Hours on the phone.

  5. if i going to decrease resolution, screen brightness, put it on black and withe, turn on speed limiter for CPU, disable location, well then I better buy a gran prime instead, I mean this only works for an emergency

  6. This video really AWESOME……….it really does helped me to save a lot of battery life after using your awesome methods…..THX ALOT DUDE !

  7. You missed the 2 biggest battery savers: 1 use a dark theme. 2. Disable synchronisation

  8. Great battery saving tips video for the Galaxy Note 8. In addition to what was mentioned in the video, there are few more battery saving tips. These will work on the Note 8, other Android phones and the iPhones. These would be to delete old emails, delete old text messages, delete old voicemails, open up the phone icon to delete the phone call log history, tap on the recent apps button to close apps by hitting "Close All". Next tip would be while in settings scroll all the way down to select "Developer Options" to adjust the screen animation. Finally, another battery saving tip would be to turn off your phone at least once a week for few minutes to an hour and turn it back on. These phones are mini computers and they need a time out period just like their bigger laptop and desktop counterparts.

  9. I don't wanna paralyze my phone. turning the screen to a crappy resolution or turning location off..etc its stupid.

  10. Applying the Max mode in power saving mode does reset it to minimum consumption but, getting back the icons & custom folders you made is a huge pain in the ass.

  11. I've heard that using high speed charging also kills the battery over the months and years.. but who wants to use slow charging for gods sake lol

  12. How can ur battery is at 47% and the estimated battery is 16hours while mine is in 100% and got 16hours estimated. Is this a problem? thanks before. Liked the vid!

  13. i have a note 8 also and did what you said and nothing happand
    im in the mid save battery mode and i have the same battery Percent and i have only 6 hours and 30 min to the battery and got 20 hours… i have android 8 if its change anything
    what should i do?

  14. Awesome … thank you…. learned a lot not just about battery life but the time you took to explain what each does.

  15. I was very happy until I downloaded a weather widget and now my phone battery is being drained very quickly. I put it on the charger lat night and it was only 60 per charge from 8pm to 5am. all bad. watching,UTube, for help

  16. I have a 6ft cable to charge my note 8 and a fast charger head that I got for free should I switch these? Is this the cause?

  17. My note 8 ran out of battery and doesn't want to turn on. It hit 0 and doesn't want to start up, doesn't even charge doesn't even show the charging icon. I've tried every restore and reset function and still nothing. Any ideas?

  18. App power monitor does absolutely nothing to increase battery life. It's an absolute gimmick. You are better off without using it. As a matter of fact you should not even touch the "Device Maintenance" section except to check the battery usage settings. As soon as you use it to clear RAM your battery will drain battery like water.

    NFC will turn on temporarily when Samsung Pay is used. You can keep NFC off at all times.

    Find my mobile will not work if location is completely turned off. To use find my mobile in case of loss or theft Battery Saving mode should be turned on at all times at the very least.

  19. I miss the old galaxy s2 function where you could just slide your finger on the status bar and change brightness.

  20. Using Max Battery Saver On Regular Day To Day Basis – Will this affect the phone's performance as years pass by ?

  21. This is the reason iPhone is better you don’t know need to do all this silly things the iPhone can have many apps or wallpapers and battery life will last you the whole day even heavy use

  22. This is my problem I have a app it's called Vdl it's a life radio it was running perfectly lately I don't know what happened to this app when the phone is on the charger it's working perfectly and the same when it's connected to the Wi-Fi when I disconnect the phone from the charger it's keeps working for 10 min and then it stops and the same thing when it's disconnected from the Wi-Fi I don't know if I pressed something in the phone setting by mistake I'm a first time Samsung user if any body can help with this plz thank you

  23. Great information. Adjusted my wife's phone to last 2.5 days with out a charge.

  24. I was told that the always on display uses hardly any battery. That's why i keep it enabled as i like to see what missed calls/ text messages i have, if i turn this off, i won't see any missed notifications unless, i install an app called pop up notifications which is very helpful as i like a bar in the middle of my screen for when i receive texts which, i can then swipe to the right to get into my messages. I have turned this feature off for messages at the moment as i like to pull my notifications down from the middle of my screen and can still open them. i have the note 8 and small hands, but use the phone with both hands anyway. I find the always on display specially at night useful so i can see the time so, it might be useful for some people but not myself. i like to see what notifications i may have missed, very good invention on the note 8 and S8 and S8 plus, most handsets now in fact. I just cannot do without it. I enjoyed your video though, thanks very much. I also have the edge lighting enabled as it sets a nice light around the edge panel, if i turn this off, i am not sure if i would still get my notifications pop up on the always on display. only had the phone about maybe a month and still trying to find my way around it so, any advice would be welcomed, thanks. πŸ™‚

  25. If we will turn off location then we will not able to track our phone if we misplaced

  26. Or you can just turn on MAX power savings if you plan to be out all day and it will last pretty much ALL DAY with light to moderate usage.

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