Samsung Galaxy Note 5: S-Pen Tips, Tricks and Full Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

In today’s video, I want to share all the tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s S-Pen. I will go every feature in detail in a tutorial format so you guys gain total mastery of the S-Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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  1. Great tips. I have recently bought a note 5 in 2019, so I can write down notes with a pen for my business my other phone is an iPhone X. I am very impressed with the phone apart from the battery life. By lunchtime my battery is on 50%.

  2. Thank you for such an informative video. I have a note 4 and many of the features of the s pen are the same as the note 5. However this video helped me to determine if I should try and purchase the note 5. Sadly the software is different on the background settings. It has less to chose from. I will now wait for the note 9 if it comes out. I enjoy my note 4. It isn't until now that I'm enthused more about the pen. Thanks again.

  3. On the S note how do you put a color page on your folder? I have done it but I forget and it just happens.

  4. do you need to apply much pressure for s pen to be recognised by the phone or our is feather smooth? note 3 and neo versions had much pressure requirement which was cumbersome

  5. I just updated the software now the drawing mode is no longer there. Has Drawing Mode been removed or am I missing something with this latest update?

  6. Hey Sakitech, Finally I have been able to find this tutorial on the gal note S pen.
    Just a thought. please let us know when you are clicking the side button when you are using the pen, for me I would like to know this way I dont lose something I need. Also I like using the pen and making notes but I have tried again and cannot for the life of me figure out how to rename them. can you please help me.

  7. You missed Extended features in the snote app. and also Link to action in action memo . Great review though bro ! I also learned some new things

  8. how to lock the notes in s note & what is the use of the button on the s pen ?

  9. people say they dont use the s pen much but I use mine every day. Used it so much the clicker on the end came off and i had to glue it

  10. i cant it does not work for me when i click the floating icon it said unfortunately,rservicesHome has stopped.

  11. what's the difference between memos, notes and lock screen notes

  12. If you covered this in the video, my apologies. But what is the button on the S Pen for?

  13. Saki. this is verz helpful. as I just got the Note 5 less than two weeks ago, But one thing I'm still totally mysterified about, which you didn't meention: what is the damn "clicker" on the side of the S Pen for? thanks so much

  14. Question:

    Hi just got my Note 5. I am upgrading from a note 3. One thing that I haven't figured out and didn't notice in your video is that on the Note 3 you could write a name and phone number and then click an option and it would highlight the name and number let it call from the action memo, add to contacts, email etc. I am still trying to find that

  15. for the calander preview with the s pen do i have to download a calander or willnit wprk with the one that came with the phone

  16. Really glad I watched this video, I recently got this phone and truth be told, Couldn't be happier. Thumbs up!

  17. 95 % features r similar to Note 4
    . is there anything like writing the math/chemistry formula n directly searching it just as it used to be in the previous NOTES ?


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