The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a 3200 mAh battery and overall the battery backup is decent – around 2 days on normal uses & 1 full day on heavy uses (except gaming). But, you can get more than this just by following few golden tips I have discussed in the video above. When you are travelling & want your phone to run longer, then these tips & tricks will surely give you atleast 30% more battery up time on your Galaxy Note III.

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  1. screen mode set to adopt display are you sure? some say it takes a lot of battery and to turn it off. I am so confused

  2. Help plz!! I have n9005 note 3 and it's running 5.0 lollipop and the battery life is running from 100% to 90% like nthn then from 90% to almost 20%-15%pretty decent then it shut down then i reconnect it and it's suddenly 0% what is the problem guys plz help!! P.s: the battery is brand new!

  3. One thing ive always was told.. Never throw the phone on the charger right away. Use the phone till battery completely dies, wait about an hour and plug in till full charge…. Never had battery issues after that.. Note 3 with Tmobile 

  4. For how long should you charge your new Note 3? I mean when you just take it out of the box. I have been searching on the internet and everybody gives a different answer, so i'm really confused…

  5. I have one problem in my NOTE 3. when i call comes in my phone it shows the name of country from the call coming but when i check in call log it does not show the name of country is it problem of set of else? another is when i dial a number it seems like 9803548462 on the screen but in other phone seems like 98-03548462. is it problem of set? please advise. thank you.

  6. how do you get the battery icon at top of phone to show up green ? mines is white .

  7. my battery was good but suddenly it went from 100% to 5% in 2 hrs this happened only 2 months after i bought it

  8. buy a 600 euro smartphone and close all the features ? thats sad ! 

  9. hello gadgets portal i notice my note 3 lock screen  will lock while using my some apps i notice 360 mobile security and some other app i install do you think i need to  reset my phone to factory to correct this problem

  10. hey I just bought a note 3 and do I NEED to first time charge it for like 8 hours? or else the battery will become crappy?

  11. Are Note 3's different in the way they work? Mine doesn't seem to have a lot of the features you've shown on on the videos.

  12. For the price of this device, I shouldn't have to turn off multiple features to prolong the life of the battery. Samsung should install batteries that can keep up. Thanks for sharing though

  13. my note3 works very well. you should take to where you purchASED.

  14. same thing happens to me… even when im not doin anythin it sucks up battery..but usually i could enjoy watchin, surfin in like 18hrs max then charge it once a day… least i have used it is like 11-13hrs but that is i have watched like 3 shows of 40mins… wit all air gestures on and some s-pen features on.. but il try to turn off some stuff and see if somethin change lollz

  15. Nope you probably are in a low service area and/or have all the sensors turned on and running all the time. Figure out which things you use and turn the ones you dont off, youll be much better off. I get 2 full days of medium use easily on my Note 3, and 1 day if I have the screen on most of the time.

  16. You are a joke. Some reviewers have called this the brightest cell phone screen ever, and still others have said this screen outperforms the iphones even outdoors. You basically have no clue what you are talking about, just a mindless troll scampering around looking like an idiot to everyone who ACTUALLY owns this phone and knows better..

  17. I have the same problem with snapdragon version, anyone know anything about this?

  18. Hi Sukesh… I am one of your top fans and also an owner of the Galaxy Note 3 (N9000)… i want to ask how much time does it take for the note 3 to fully charge from around 10-20% to 100% ?? Thanks…Keep Uploading !

  19. The Samsung keyboard stops working everytime I try to type on it via the S Pen. I have the Exynos version. Is this a firmware bug specifically for my phone or is it common?

  20. Fantastic Job Sukesh. A really helpful video.
    Whether video saving in scrapbook working fine or not in ur device? Mine is not working from 2nd day.only screen shots are saved.That is the only issue I am facing at present after 1wk of usage.An excellent device indeed.

  21. Excellent tips.. I have a note 2 but some of the features which have been introduced in the note 3 are brilliant.. If I am not wrong you are also a note 2 user. Are you planning to shift to note 3

  22. I love all your videos, and the Note 3 tips and tricks are just as awesome. But Lithium batteries are just as good out of the box as they will ever be. Its just a tech myth.

  23. I love how informative your videos are. I'm brand new to android. I'm coming from a apple iphone 5. Could you do a video on the galaxy note 3 displaying awesome 3rd party android apps that work great for this phone. This will give me a great app collection to start with

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