Samsung Galaxy Grand Battery Saving Tips and Tricks – Increase Battery Life

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  1. hei i just bought galaxy grand last night, how much time is needed when the rechargeable battery first purchase??? please answer

  2. hello may i know something ? the galaxy grand got LED notification light ? and is it work ?????

  3. i have a galaxy grand and i am mostly busy with gaming and third party apps like whatsapp. and i have to charge it every 14-15 hrs or so. is this a normal battery life or do i need to get it checked ?

  4. hey…… i have a galaxy grand ……. can i run internet on it by OTG cable through Reliance Netconnect+ usb dongle……………if yes how to do that..??

  5. You can also restrict the background data of facebook,playstore,whatsapp etc from data usage

  6. heyy , does the USB OTG feature has any drawbacks. . . .like Virus attacks in the phone from external device ???

  7. I have to charge once a day tht too it takes more than 2hrs to charge fully….is it the same with all the other grands too?

  8. my grand's battery has to be charged once n sometimes twice a day…n tht too it takes more than 2hrs to be fully charged…is it the same with all tge other grands as well?

  9. Hello dude…
    If ur phone is on auto brightness then it eill consume lots of battery bcz ur sensor works continuously and consume lots of buttery. .
    So put it on manual level and use the manual adjuster given in the notification toggle

  10. heyy …m confused between White and Blue color for GRAND.. . . .i heard from many user that White attracts dust within 3-4 days of usage. . .but look premium than Blue. .. .ur opnion plz ?

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