Samsung Galaxy Android Phone Tutorial – Beginners Guide

This tutorial provides a beginners guide overview to some of the major features of Android on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other Galaxy phones.

This tutorial is intended to be accessible enough to be given to a complete Android or Galaxy Phone novice, and provide them with the basic understanding needed to use many of the most common smartphone tasks.

This tutorial was recorded and partially edited quite some time ago, but because of medical reasons it wasn’t finished and uploaded until…


  1. This is great. My mom just got her first cell phone and has been looking for a tutorial like this one.

  2. Oh my goodness thank you so much. I am currently an apple user but am soon switching to Samsung, and I had no idea how to use one! This was a veryyyyyy long video but it went in great detail and was super helpful.

  3. Thank you! Im an apple fanboy, but I’m getting a Samsung.. so useful!

  4. that was really helpful for me this is my first smartphone lol and I didn't know how to use anything

  5. Hey thanks for showing me im getting a new phone and its my first phone AND its and samsung galaxy phone S4

  6. Nice, one of the best presentations that doesnt make the user feel stupid. Android is very similar to using MS windows and chrome for windows. Would like to see one on multimedia, file management, syncing, etc. Basically to replace the iphone, haha.

  7. The BEST and utmost articulate tutorial ever and NOT for geeks and nerds.
    I am DESPERATELY looking for the near same in German and French for elderly family members in Europe because I am in America.
    PLEASE PLEASE help I don't know the right search terms in German and French because I learned all this in English only and don't know the exact translations

  8. Good but I do wish you would speak more slowly and clearly. I could not download it to watch it more slowly. Thanks, from an Aussie.

  9. You know what thanks god you are finally back since a couple of years I've been waiting for you thank you for your tutorials

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