Rooting your Pantech Burst Phone (ICS) with the Hack Burst Kit for Windows XP

Original instructions were found here: If someone needs credit for their work, please let me know. These are instructions …


  1. Hmmm… the burst may not officially support sixaxis… you can give it a try.
    I'm not sure what Custom rom I was running.. I think cm10…
    but I was able to get sixaxis to run. It involved me using the pc software to reassign the MAC address of the dualshock and after it was reassigned.. I could link the remote to the phone.

    I'm pretty excited because I just got my OTG cable.. and want to try all types of USB stuff.

  2. Actually yeah, thanks for replying, I want to use the dualshock 3 on the Burst via OTG because sixaxis doesn't support bluetooth connection on the Burst.

  3. nice job rooting your phone.
    Hmmm,.. Actually,.. I don't know how to install the OTG drivers.
    I just got a set of OTG cables this week… so I've never tried doing this before. Sorry I can't help.

    What did you want to hook up to the pantech burst using the OTG cable… a USB remote controller for gaming?

  4. Hey there Aleks, I rooted my Pantech Burst thanks to you! But I have one favor to ask, do you know how to install USB OTG drivers on the Pantech Burst because I have Gizmolord and Pantech doesn't seem to be compatible with OTG cables,

    Thanks in advance

  5. dont forget to back up your phone before u remove apps. hopefully u know how to use clockworkmod. using this method can install cwm 6

  6. Just rooted my burst. The process worked flawlessly. Now i can freeze up these worthless at&t apps. Thanks!

  7. Sure thing.. I'm sure there are better tutorials. This is just one method. Gizmolord I believe has a short tutorial to root and unlock the bootloader, too.. which I haven't tried. Good luck with your phone.

  8. Ummm.. if you mean replacing your current rom using a custom ROM,.. yeah. you can do it that way. Flashing a new ROM like Jelly Bean should in theory install whatever default apps were loaded for that ROM.

    If you just want to manually delete ATT apps, you need root access. Once you have root access you can use Titanium Backup (free version from playstore) to freeze and uninstall ATT apps.
    On the flipside, you can just install a custom rom like CM10 through CWM supposedly. I've never done it.

  9. Thanks a lot dude! I'm trying to delete the bloatware (those silly AT&T apps). Can I do it through the CMR? And does flashing a new ROM like Jelly Bean delete any apps at all?

  10. To put phone into recovery mode, turn the phone off, then reboot the phone by holding down the volume down and power button and in recovery mode use volume keys to navigate and power button to select.

  11. Both methods are safe. But honestly, I haven't tried the gizmolord method. In theory it should work fine. You'll understand how rooting works better if you use the gizmolord method. If anything goes wrong, it will be easier to trace the point of error.

    Using the hackburst method, might be more difficult to troubleshoot. Good luck.

  12. I think it's more a matter of personal preference with regards to which method you prefer. I liked the hack burst because you just copy the tool over and just run the hack-burst.cmd file in command prompt (with admin priveleges).

    Whereas the other method just involves about 4 steps:
    Copy root zip file to your phone
    Reboot your phone into clockwork mod
    When your phone boots into clockworkmod, select the root zip that was copied into your sd card. Repeat these steps if not successful

  13. Are there any issues with this root? It's a permanent root. I.e…. I did a factory reset the other day, but my root is still there.
    Answer: The only thing I noticed was random reboots. My wifi works fine after rooting. As we had discussed before, these random reboots might just be a result of Pantech's implementation of ICS. Although, I think I've pinpointed the random rebooting to my phone switching between 2g and 4g on t-mobiles network. I'll know in a few days of testing.

  14. I guess it's optional since you can just use clockwork mod to install custom rom's. With the Hack Burst Kit, you get Clock Work Mod (CWM) touch version. I've never used clockwork mod… but I guess I got it when I rooted using this method.. AWESOME.. no need to install CWM.

  15. [Optional]Installing legacy Bootloader: This will allow fastboot flash functions.
    As explained here: wiki.cyanogenmod(dot)org/w/Doc:_fastboot_intro
    fastboot is a small tool that comes with the Android SDK (software developer kit) that can be used to re-flash partitions on your device. It is an alternative to the recovery mode for doing installations and updates.

  16. I think Ptatyush Shrivastava would have more experience explaining this. I've got a very limited understanding of Rooting, Flashing boot loader,… etc. I'll give it a run at explaining though:

  17. @aleks dude I don't understand this legacy Bootloader. Why is it optional? What version of CWM recovery did you get with this method? Are there any issues with this root and recovery? Which method is more preferable,easier and safe? Hack burst kit or this( forum.gizmolord(dot)com/android-modding/(root)pantech-burst/ )
    Thankyou so much 🙂

  18. Any benchmarks or videos you have of ICS versus Stock firmware? I'm interested in the performance gains. Thanks.

  19. Obviously CM10 is faster and smoother. What are the pro's and con's of using cm10. And what was your biggest complaint about stock ICS?


  20. Can you elaborate as to what issues there are with this root? I'm just curious.. I'm unaware of any rooting issues in Stock ICS for pantech burst

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