Rooting Android 2.2.2 on Motorola XPRT cell phone – root Sprint Jailbreak hack mb612

Here is how i rooted my Motorola XPRT. Here is the blog where i followed instructions:


  1. Friend I do the step, but the phone will restart and continue the program restarts 3 times and ends the program and turn off the cel and I turn it on and nothing happened, I can do for the cleular turning off?

  2. @DavidDunwell i bought it off amazon for $7.99 + free shipping. You can search for Matte Black Protector Case and it should pop up. Ah. I have no idea. please let me know if you figure that out.

  3. What kind of case is your xprt in? And is there any way to overclock the xprt? Thanks


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