Rokit IO Pro 3D | Unboxing and Tour

The Rokit IO Pro 3D is a unique and value-packed 250 pound smartphone that you can grab on Amazon from April 4 in the UK. This budget-friendly mobile sports a glasses-free 3D screen like the LG Optimus 3D (remember that one?), and also comes with Rokit’s life care package offer.

This IO Pro model sports a 5.99-inch FHD+ IPS screen which delivers impressive 3D effects to the naked eye. RokFlix is Rokit’s own ‘Netflix for 3D video’, which currently offers a couple hundred videos to stream….


  1. Very cool phone , I kinda want one for a nighttime phone…I just bought the bold n1 and replaced my s8+ with it

  2. Please answer quik. Can you watch YouTube videos? like 3D YouTube vids?

    There’s an iPhone thing called Snap3D which has an app that turns YouTube videos into 3D. So need to know wether I should buy this phone or get the iPhone thing

  3. does anyone know if this phone has a removable battery like the LG V20 for example?

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