Roborock S5 (S50) Compete Setup Guide! – , ALL Buttons & Features, Maintenance

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Hardware: 3:13
App Features: 5:28
Maintenance: 11:06

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  1. Hello, I have this robot and I wonder if it’s continuing using electricity when it’s fully charged and connected to the charging dock. I have tried to turn it off but it won’t go off unless you unplug it from the dock. So do you know if it’s worth to turn it off or I can just leave it on on the charging dock? (Energy saving concern)

  2. How do you mark a no go zone specifically for mopping? I heard you can mark carpet zones, but I only see "no-go" zones. Do does that mean that it wont vacuum there either?

    Carpet mode supposedly can detect a carpet automatically so why cant moppoing?

  3. My question is, can I just throw the mop heads in the washer or should i hand wash them? Thanks for the video!

  4. Hi, I have S5 and got error4 (cliff sensors). Sensors cleaned allready, reset system, restore factory settings, app delleted and istalled again. Nothing hellps, still error4. Where is a problem?

  5. Excellent video. Should be part of the product support since there really isn't any instructions for the app use. How do I set up no-go areas for mopping which do not apply to vacuuming?

  6. My house has two floors. How can I save each floor's map so I can edit no-go zones separately and not having each time to re-map the floor it's cleaning?

    Is there any alternative app to the MiHome we may use?

  7. Can I move the charging station from the living room to bedroom after the first time it runs and has the house mapped out?

  8. Thank you for the video. Just got ours and I'll run the initial circuit tonight. A couple of questions. 1) If I have chairs that can be flipped up onto the kitchen table, would it be better to do this and have fewer things to get stuck on? 2) I have a few thick, round (about 36" diameter) area rugs on a hardwood floor they are almost an inch thick – will the Roborock avoid them (acceptable) or try to vacuum (preferred) them or, like the chairs would it be best to clear them from the kitchen/dinette area? 3) We bought it primarily for the hardwood areas but can the Roborock handle relatively thick shag (approx 1/2-5/8" deep)? Thank you for any assistance you can throw my way.

  9. Thanks for the video.

    I would need some advice. I used the robot to clean, then it went back to the dock. All fine. However it forgot the map, even though the Map Saved Mode is active. It never remembers the map. Each time I start it, the robot needs to reconstruct the map and hits everything while doing so. I have a small apartment. Can you please help?

  10. Hello,
    Could you please let me know if you can wash the filter in the water (as in most vacuums)?
    Thanks in advance!

  11. And no information about multi level house. Can it handle it?

  12. I’m having a very difficult time getting the vac to connect to wi-fi. I’ve been trying for hours with no luck, very frustrating. I’m using the Mi Home and am certain I’ve followed the instructions. Any ideas on what I might try?

  13. I currently have the S6. Did an awesome job when building the map. however I had one room that was closed because we had Christmas presents in it. Now I open the room and I selected the area via Zone to clean. It cleaned the room updated the map, but I am unable to edit it as a room. Any thoughts?

  14. I'm a bit confused about the mopping function. Do I have to do a normal sweep before putting on the mop each time or is it able to sweep and mop simultaneously and effectively?

  15. I find the "GO" feature very useful since our vacuums dock is located under a couch so it would be a pain to remove the dustbin and brush for emptying/cleaning.

  16. Is it possible to 'name' rooms? I want to command using Echo Dot – "Clean the kitchen". Can I do this?

  17. I'm new to the concept of robovacs. How would one (particularly this one) compare to my DC23 Dyson noting we have a carpet in our home? Thanks.

  18. I am having trouble connecting my phone to Roborock S5. I have an Android phone. Will that work?.. It comes up and says connected, no internet. I try to find my device and it can't do it. What can I do to correct this and get my phone connected. I downloaded the MiHome App.

  19. My S5 wont switch the "map saving setting on" and when I have the Do Not Disturb turned on the robot will not resume cleaning after recharging even during the allowed times. (I have been able to sinc the time zone.) I have to manually start it.

  20. At 3:04 rooms are listed. How do you associate the room names (kitchen, den, laundy, etc) to the map? He skipped that part.

  21. Has anyone purchased replacement accessories? I found kits through Amazon but they all seem to be from different sellers so I'm worried about their quality.

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