Review on Avin USA 10.25" BMW android navigation gps Multimedia compare to 4x4shop Canada unit

4×4 Shop Canada is a Canadian based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes car video interfaces to add multiple cameras or Apple CarPlay/Android auto to factory head units, OEM fit Android multimedia screens, Tesla style head units, roof or rear entertainment systems, Video-In-Motion and rear, front and side cameras, dash cams (DVR), remote starters to expand the electronics capabilities of vehicles. Our goods & services are exported to around 40 countries worldwide. The vital…


  1. Both products are from China, and roughly use the same blueprints. The only difference is brand sticker placement.

  2. "Second review on Avin USA android BMW screen is a totally fake company located in China" – Where is this video?

  3. Does it work or the typical Android head unit that lags, app install issues, requires constant reboots? What oem function do I lose in my 2010 X5M.

  4. I can't get to have the time right. I try set up manually, after I turned off my car the time change. I try all options: Original Time or Auto-Sync GPS still same problem after some time when I go back to my car the time change again 🙁

  5. I have a question : I can't get the MUSIC to play my USB Key, I try to format FAT32 or NTSC I can see the files into the KEY (128GB) into the file explorer, but if I clic USB from the music icon (music player) and I choose USB the message is "USB not detected" any clue ? Thanks

  6. For the e60/e61 the screen is 8.8" as mentioned on the title or 10.25" as mentioned in the description?

  7. Is possible understand if are you selling something for bmw E92 2008 without Idrive . I saw for my car the same but you have to cut the dashboard.

  8. what about the mic connection in your unit?
    where's the mic?
    and i want to know if it use the original car mic or no

  9. Why is avin USA selling your unt? They have your video on their website and are advertising your product as the ALL new 10.25

  10. Thank you for your review that helps me to make the right decision. Would you please leave me the link for the BMW X3 2013 android screen.

  11. This comparison was very useful to me., thank you. But Avin cpu 1.6 ghz, your device cpu is 1.2 ghz. This how does it make an impact?

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