Real-World Battery Saving Tips for Android

You need Real-World Battery Saving Tips for your Android device. Our devices are powerful, our devices have huge bright screens, and our devices have quad core processors. Yet, our devices have batteries that quit in less than a day if you push your device too hard.

In today’s episode, XDA Developer TV Newcomer Jared shows off a bunch of hacks and programs to help you save battery life. He talks about 3 Llama, Greenify, Intelli3G, Boot Manager and Performance Profile. So if you wanted to…


  1. bro tell me how to root my vivo mobile or please share a link that may help me to root my vivo device😊

  2. I found this application Battery Saver ( master power ) it was very useful for me

    Battery Saver (master power ) is a free application that saves your device’s battery life via simple power saving management presets
    This application gives you the possiblity to manage all the features that could influence on the energy saving of your android device and consequently the charge and the time that it could stand .The pre-set given in the application makes the way easier for saving
    and to have an idea about the reasons that could generate problems or dysfunctions for your battery mobile or shorten the life of your power battery
    Besides this advantages ,memory manager allows you via the tool "task killer" to boost the self usage of the memory and optimize the CPU functionalities by killing all unwanted and consumptive frontend and backend applications that consume power and impact saving mode in your mobile

    Battery Saver (master power )is the solution downolad and

    try it

  3. Is there any other app the switch 3G to 2G while in my pocket that requires no root? Because i have HTC one m7 and i am not willing to root it!

  4. I am using greenify, intelli3g, boot manager and performance profile

    Is it ok to use all four app if not can anyone recommend me which one should i use and which i should'nt.

  5. My set-up is:
    – root+xposed, obviously
    – complete de-bloat (almost every G app and manufacturer app)
    – Greneefy premium
    – Boot manager
    – Only 3G network (locked)
    – 50% brightness and 1 m 30 s display timeout
    – Tasker to:
      1) turn off wi-fi when I don't need
      2) lock on 2G with no mobile data when i'm connected to wi-fi
      3) disable auto-sync when I'm on mobile data and not wi-fi
      4) turn on GPS only when it's needed (e.g. when i'm using Waze or Google Maps) and turn it off when i don't need it

    With this set-up i was able to top at 68 h on the battery with 4 h of screen on time and 3 h 30 m of talk time (i'm a light user for sure) with my LG G3. I'm not sure if everything i did was usefull to improve battery life, but since i use my phone as a phone i'm pretty happy with 4 days with one charge if i keep it mostly in my pocket and not on the web.
    Anyways i'll take a shot on theese tweaks for further improvements 'cause….why not? 😀

  6. Lagdroid user logic
    >buy expensive, powerful phone
    >underclock it because you only need so much power for texting and email

  7. The best tip to get the most battery life of your phone is change battery every year. My real life experience is that batteries lose a third of their efficiency every year. A new one costs about 15 euros wich is quite cheap.

  8. Dude, LTE is more efficient than 3G. Early LTE implementations consumed more battery but this has been fixed, new phones should consume less battery if they have a good LTE connection.

  9. Dude, LTE is more efficient than 3G. Early LTE implementations consumed more battery but this has been fixed, new phones should consume less battery if they have a good LTE connection.

  10. DS battery saver Xposed module is also really great
    It has few usefull power plans.
    The best thing is that it turns off all the running user apps and services plus data or wifi after you turns off the screen and turns everything back on as soon as you turn ON the screen and this means no updates or useless battery drains during sleep mode 🙂
    The profiles are used to decide how often you want to wake the phone is sleep mode and get the updates and all.

  11. only thing which eats ur battery a lot in background is google play services. 

  12. Deep sleep battery saver because I don't need my data on 24/7 but rather have scheduled on and off times 😚💁

  13. What a great video! Dude, you should deffinitely make more of these, it's great listening to you and even though I'm aware of those tips, it was good enough for me to watch till the end 🙂

  14. Although these are good tips, and I do use a lot of them, I still find the most useful thing is to have a spare charged battery in my pocket. I'm amazed that so many manufacturers of great phones cripple them by following the idiotic iToy fixed battery design fault.

  15. Really wanted to try Intelli3G because I completely agree, also wanted to try BootManager.. but sadly they require Xsposed which doesn't work well with CM11.

  16. You have to pay for setCPU now, but if you have Cyanogenmod (might need nightly version), in options there should be a new performance sub menu which lets you chance the cpu speeds! 😀

  17. power cycle, don't over charge battery because it's meant to have a set charge cycle only. run your battery to low before charging it, don't overheat your battery, turn brightness to auto so it'll utilize the best brightness and won't eat up as much battery, and everything else you said above.

  18. I didnt know about Performance Profile and that is what exactly what i needed  🙂 But will test and see how it is actually working since it is too good to be bugless 😀

  19. yep all great stuff, but I'm also too lazy to change all this stuff, patience, learning curve, unexpected things, i'm over it.. tired.. i'd rather buy a phone from a developer that already thinks and does all theses little things for me – except the ones that i really have to do by myself –

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