Reading Engine Trouble Codes with Torque Pro for Android: OBD4Everyone Ep. 12

In this episode of OBD4Everyone, we will show you how to read engine trouble codes at using Torque Pro for Android.

We also briefly discuss freeze frames, emission monitors, mode $06 data and why you should NOT clear the trouble codes.

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  1. Glad you pointed out that erasing codes is not always a great idea. Every time I see a review for a scanner they're boasting about how this scanner or that scanner can erase codes.

  2. Thanks for the informative video! I have a question. I have a code on my ECU, which is displayed in red (current fault) most of the time (and at this time I do not have the CEL on, but it was on till a few days ago. It just randomly disappeared), but whenever I press the refresh button in the menu the code changes from current fault to pending fault and so on. Do you happen to know whats going on here?

  3. That freeze Frame data is for which error code? Same thing happening with mine 3 error codes and don't know which freeze Frame data is for which error code and if you click next Frame it doesn't stop as I clicked next frame 31 times and it only showed 3 different freeze Frame and kept repeating frames shown previously

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