Reading Engine Trouble Codes with OBD Fusion for Android: OBD4Everyone Ep. 11

In this episode of OBD4Everyone, we will show you how to read engine trouble codes and email a very useful diagnostic report using OBD Fusion for Android.

We also briefly discuss pending faults, freeze frames, emission monitors, mode $06 data and why you should NOT clear the trouble codes.

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  1. How do we check the history of the check engine light with advanced diagnostic?

  2. I'm not understanding how to create a Custom PID.
    I can use a terminal software like so:
    using A terminal when I type






    How do I get the 31 data into a gauge?

  3. Hi – great videos! Do you know if either OBD Fusion or Torque Pro would allow me to read and then clear a DPF error code on a BMW (E60 525d)?



  4. Hi how r u sir …
    I have obd2 but cods show by ( u ) latter not ( p ) .
    When I put search for code its showing this code U1308 …I searched fir this code dint find any information about it.
    There is any options in obd2 adapter change code from U to p ?

  5. Wow. Your videos are great. Did you create the follow-up video to this one yet? You had mentioned running through how to read the more difficult codes. Thanks.

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