Rank 1 Android Player GAME IS DEAD Account My Thoughts Castle Clash


  1. The reason he destroyed his account, is because how ridiculous this game became. All i see when i log in ooh buy this, buy that to get to #1 basically IGG is the new EA

  2. Yep this game is more like p2p, if only you can keep up as a f2p with those p2p but nope there are rewards that only p2p can get and is broken like dragons

  3. I have 4 free 2 play accounts I am having a great time playing this game. Almost all games are p2p, but answer me this where is the fun in buying your way to the top spot in the game or just buying a hero straight out. It's just going to lead you to the same spot in the end which is having nothing to do because everything is maxed out. So, stop complaining and learn to have patience and most of all have fun!

  4. Naa jt u were wrong for this i mean i see u making vids with issues in the game now its all good

  5. i barley started the game and i clicked on this video to see if it was dead but am now sad that this game pay to win 🙁

  6. How can Jt talk when he just made a video 2 weeks ago saying this game is broken as well..He needs to make up his mind

  7. Its not a positive thing that you can easily take away his grind by spending a few dollars, its almost backstabbing OG players by doing this speed upgrade….They dont care for the game they just want that cash

  8. I do not know who pays you for such comments and clips. But IGG is greedy. If you play F2P then almost no opportunities to get good heroes, and even less talent. That's why more and more players leave the game.

  9. Jt shut up you just a man with money, and u have to pay money to win I respect game is dead and he's right

  10. I agree that the game is broken because they make people with 60k might look like noob

  11. I’m really pissed. Saved up 15k gems as an f2p an only got greens blues some legendary shard heroes and 2 cupids and 1 pd

  12. First day he made the account, was it already named Game Is Ded , or you can change the name.

  13. Game is losing interest Gunslinger Dovekeeper Athene and Sas mino all are the same heroes Not letting to fight for gold. SE is the king now It is getting complicated now

  14. This Player has no reason to be salty. He would not have had to spend any money. I play FTP and it runs fine… 🙂

  15. Dude you really just said hundreds of thousands of dollars? There's no way in blue hell he spent that much

  16. He's not salty, it's because you pretty much have to spend money to win, their isn't anymore strategy, now it's only as long as you have the best heroes you can do whatever and succeed.

  17. Its money SPENT or wasted if you prefer but not INVESTED. Invested is putting money in a 401k or some portfolio assets. Blowing thousands on a cell phone game isn't investing its INSANITY. Not even gonna get into the fucked up morality of it. I love CC but some ppl are batshit crazy. If it is money spent as part of a business venture (or YouTube revenue) then it is one thing, but just blowing it to have the best crap on a mobile game is just plain stupid. Years from now some of those ppl will really regret not buying a home or building a retirement acct when they come into some hard times, or the cocaine sales slow down LOL!

  18. JT to be honest, you are just saying it because IGG is paying you and you wanna keep your strange job and have food 😂

  19. I tjing old p2p players shoild get boni because they spent their money for much less advantage. i only got out sm and a few pd copies of my money, today u can get scelletica with this

  20. The game is broken tho… All the new heroes are OP af and the only way to get them is to spend alot of money on rolling. f2p players are getting fucked over so hard. You dont grind in the game anymore because everything is so easy to get. Honor badges means nothing for p2p players and it just rains shards. If u get a new hero you could instanstly double evolve it and make it level 200 with 10/10 if u are p2p. back in the day you actually had to grind for shards and honor badges. There was no spend money shortcut. But if you go to the baazar today, there are so many good rewards aka ''shortcuts''. You dont have to be smart with your honor badges and shards anymore. We did all that grinding back in the day for basically nothing.

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