1. With the update you need to rename the downloaded file to card_data_171 !!!!

  2. Дружище,хак перестал работать или я что-то не так делаю,открываю путь,захожу в Кардс,а там пусто,только один Фолдер и то пустой,что делать???

  3. Hi are you there do you mind helping me do cause I can’t so please do you mind helping me generate the gems

  4. It worked well, but whenever I play multiplayer, it keeps saying "there's something wrong with your game" and got conceded immediately. Any ideas?

  5. For anyone who needs help, you delete the old file, move the new one into the folder, then rename the new one to what the old one was called without bin

  6. But cant get all cards because premium galactic and other packs cost normal how the original game not hacked heroes cost 750 gems for get it tooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh gemmmmmsssssss

  7. it says "Craft -1" but when you do it, the game still takes away normal ammount of currency, so, this doesn't work.

  8. this one worked well but with the hero mod i have no idea how to find the rootfolder

  9. it works with me !!, omg i can't believe this , it makes me = EVERY GAME in the world is useless and we waste our time :@ with that hack i can't imagine it will be , really ,,,,…. :S unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((((((you changed my life , bro))))) that i deleted every game on my phone that could be hacked and we wasting our time for nothing :@

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