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We’ve put together this quick user guide video to show you how easy getting connected and staying in control with Push True Wireless actually is.

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Skullcandy is the original lifestyle audio brand. Born on a chairlift and not some corporate office, we’ve changed the game with groundbreaking headphone and earbud tech, like Crusher…


  1. Hello good day I have a question in video call and phone call only left ear buds is functioning is normal or not? Thank you in advance to answer my question.


  3. Yeah I'm trying to pair them to a new device and this video doesn't work. My ear buds won't go into pairing mode.

  4. Dude thank you so much for this video. I was about to return mine because I couldn'tfigure out how to repair them. They were showing up as two separate devices and it didn't say anything in the instructions about how to repair them. so it was an enormous help at the end when you filled everyone in on the "holding the main buttons for 12 seconds to repair them" thing. You rock. I really like these buds I just couldn't figure it out!

  5. If I put my left one up my right one quits working but they are paired together how do I fix this issue the only one I can use by itself is the left

  6. DO NOT BUY THESE! barely have a couple months that I bought these and they seem to unpair when they're fully charged. The left earbud never charges and I thought it was broken but for some reason it is never charged when I make sure both buds are charging at the same time! It was a waste of my money.

  7. How on gods green earth do I get it to only use the right ear bud? I can pair the right bud to the left but when I wanna use one then swap when battery is getting low in one I can't. so when i put the left ear bud into the case it just shuts both off.

  8. Dude i cant find the skullcandy push Ear bud on my Bluetooth can u help me.

  9. I just got some have not use them yet was wandering what's the button on the case for.

  10. Don’t fricking buy them you guys… mine have been charging for 2 WEEKS and they do not turn on. Bad sound quality and die super fast, I am very disappointed 😡🤬

  11. Brand new and they aren't working. Charged them overnight. Turned them on and their paired, no problem. But they will only stay on for about 30 seconds before the left bud turns off. Shows I have a full charge, but will not stay on. Put them back in the case, still says full charge, but turns off again after only 30 seconds. Done it a dozen times with the same result.

  12. They worked fine at first now for some reason only right side will play music left one I can talk on the phone cant hear music and fucking sucks that you can't use right with out the left also cant talk on the phone with right side fucking suck I want my money back

  13. The eargels SUCK!!! If you're trying to swap eargels, those hellish things will loose their shape and dangle inside your ear. Either be EXTREMLY careful when swapping them or DON'T SWAP THEM AT ALL!!!

  14. hi! i have push earbuds and today my earbuds started acting weird, when i was walking in the hallways at my school. my Bluetooth has both push earbuds, whenever i try both of them they won't work. And i kept on turning them on and off which is really annoying cuz i like to listen to music to both of my ear buds on.

  15. Got mine as a gift. The pairing process was not user friendly compared to my Sony bluetooth wireless headset. The connection would drop from one another, forcing me to reconnect not just the two buds, but to my device as well. Absolute waste of time. After the second time using it, the left bud has stopped working. Doesn't charge, no reaction when I press the main function button – I tried holding it down…everything. Reddit says to let them sit outside the box to drain the batteries before recharging them. This shows that it is a known problem. No proof of purchase so I don't think I can file a claim on these. Would not recommend. User friendliness: 1/5, Quality: 0/5

  16. I got an issue, my charging case overcharges my earbuds. The buds can have around 90% battery left and if i put them in the case my case's battery will use all of its charge, not to mention each quarter of the battery gets used up in a minute or so each. Like my case will be fully charged and i'll put my earbuds in for maybe a minute and there goes half of the case's charge, even if im at 80 or 90% on the buds

  17. Do yalls self a favor and DO NOT waste money on any of their wireless headphones. You'll be disappointed and out money that you could have used on a better, cheaper, product. Skullcandy has gone to absolute shit with hardly any quality control what so ever.

  18. Hello everyone with pairing issues. Make sure you ear buds are off then hold the button on on each pod for 12 seconds when they say 12 seconds they mean it. I struggled with this then I held longer then they connected. Feel free to ask more questions I will be here to answer them

  19. I don’t know if I’m dump but I have held them down for 12 seconds and then tried to pair them together but the right one never pairs to anything the left one works great but I can not get the right one to work at all.. I may have to return them if I can’t get them to work

  20. sound is a 3.1/5, the right headphone literally doesn't have bluetooth connectivity and only mirrors the left ear (so no way to listen to the headphones individually), terrible battery life and you can't even see the battery percentage on your phone. these headphones would do fine maybe in 2012 or any year before but i'd say just save your money unless they start selling these for what they're actually worth and that is $20.

  21. also ı watch this video with my Skullcandy 50/50 earbuds but now ı order skullcandy push on the internet

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