PUBG Tencent Emulator Gaming Buddy CTRL or ~ Key Problem Fix

Just Update To Latest Version Then You Can Modify Mouse Lock/Unlock Key With The Key You Want


  1. this video is really helpful so why there dislikes its should be likes there thanks you very much dude.

  2. All the who are suffering of ctrl mouse lock problem listen guys.Go to the key mapping and move around shooting button and press reset and save it then disable secondary keys enable it again save it.

  3. Bro my right click now works as mouse lock how to stop it and make Ctrl mouse lock I can't aim in game

  4. My whole keyboard and mouse don't work at all, I can't do anything in-game.
    I sometimes play with resolution and it works, but sometimes it doesn't please help.

  5. my gaming buddy keeps showing this message during the game. "press ctrl to lock/unlock the mouse". Do you know how to stop it?

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