PUBG on MAC – "NVIDIA Geforce NOW" on Macbook – Gameplay & Highlights

PUBG in full quality on a MAC? Yep, Geforce NOW for MAC: . Sponsored by NVIDIA.
It connects you to an on-demand GeForce GTX gaming PC in the cloud, instantly turning your Mac into a high-performance virtual gaming PC.
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  1. This was just a test of the game on MAC, I won't be giving up my insane gaming setup for it but I was pleasantly surprised by this and hope it works out well for some of you guys who are interested!

  2. I couldn't even download this App, I created an account then tried everything then I understood this is is a scam to get my personal email address to send me emails and try to make me buy something, didn't really the way this was done and I even tried to delete my account and I wasn't able to do so!!!, it was the first time in years to use my personal email on something like that, my advice to everyone that you don't and to use a fake email until you're 100% sure about the provided service!

  3. Hi, I have problem about graphics I can use ultra graphics and play on 90 fps but graphic is bad can't see as well. Please help

  4. Hi,
    I don't have the option to install, it just plays option, and then it is directing me to buy it,
    how can I I download/install it plz

  5. the problem is that compression and decompression of the stream takes time, i did this on a home network and yea, it kinda sucks

  6. did geforce now free on mac if i download geforce now on mac do i have to wait the waitlist or not

  7. Shooting zombies kinda fun, but why not shooting others that can shoot u back?

  8. Hey dude, I just got the permission to geforce now today, everything runs awesome! But there's one little issue I am having is the mouse for geforce now, it seems to have mouse acceleration, which makes it impossible to aim in game…

  9. How long does it take to wait for a spot in the beta thing
    I badly want to play pubg

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