Pubg mobile on MAC ONLY Works |2018|

Pubg mobile on MAC ONLY works in 2018.
Player unknow battleground.

1.) Download Vox player 6
2.) Download Apk Pure
3.) Download Pubg Mobile.

We Are One by Vexento

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  1. bro i have macbook air and using … nox player 6 i installed pubg when when i open it creats a problem like… Device is no supported?

  2. you should know that if you download nox player you will download a virus for your mac too…. so DONT DO IT

  3. Bro thx you so good i can play now pubg mobile thx very i click like and subscribe

  4. Note; if you guys are thinking about bluestack please don't. There you go, I just saved you guys some time.

  5. when i download this it does not work it says its unidentified so it will not open. also i did donload the dmg and go to the same website and using a macbook air. PLEASE HELP I AM DESPERATE

  6. cuma bisa download PUBG Mobile ya aja,tp ngak bisa di mainkan….sama aja bohong….!!

  7. Pretty sure the game doesn't work after Facebook or Guest selection. Why would you not show the gameplay.?

  8. When I click guest or facebook message pop up: …your device is not suporterd at the moment… you have a solution?

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