PUBG Mobile on Mac – MUMU Emulator Setting & Fix – English language

PDF Link for Setting –


  1. bro help please when i start pubg it stucks on blue loading page pubg mobile is starting

  2. Hii bro in my mumu emulator its showing… emulator error in pubg game.. say tha solution bro

  3. cant you use like a software were you write your message and it speaks instead of you? cause …. i mean…. i'm about to kill myself after 2 mins of hearing you

  4. these can access ur account…..i have also install bt when i checked my Google account then it was accessed with one plus 2 mobile…..bcz i removed acct from one plus 2 and also claim as lost my phone….. after few days i opened mumu emulator then all the data was gone as well as it notified that phone lost…. then i realized that one plus 2 which was accessed with my account was mumu…. if any suggestions pls reply🙏

  5. my mumu only 3 language. english, chinese and chinese traditional.. how to add any language ? ini mumu ..

  6. MuMu version is 10.10 but my Mac Version is 10.9.5 and there is not available new software Update As well… How to resolve it

  7. pubg mobile on mumu emulator works very good but controls hard to use….like you cant use scope via mouse.its always get in the way and you cant see anything.

  8. bhai sound aari hai but microphone se humari awaaj nhi jaari pubg mobile me

  9. I do not know why but he installed the application and he says it closes me alone, I get a message that says that it stopped working and closes automatically, who could help me?

  10. please make a another video for how to change controls of gameplay that will solves the complete problems related to this.
    @Banati TV

  11. Please someone help new with controls
    When I press f key
    I cannot move player through w,s,a,d
    Please reply

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