PUBG Mobile iOS – How To Fix High Ping (Reduce Network Lag)

For more information, check out this guide:

A short tutorial on how to fix a high ping / network lag while playing PUBG Mobile on an iOS device.
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Outage Report:


  1. What’s the best device bro to play pubg?ipad pro iPad mini one plus 8 pro what from all?and one more..I guess as bigger internet connection the better right?

  2. How abt we from Fiji using Vodafone..
    I have tried a lot of apps but still.,.the ping still running 180-280

  3. When i put my sim to another mobile pings are really well but when i put it into my iphone ping are always high it wasnt always like this idk what happend and i have tried all these things none of this works bro

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