Here’s a compilation of the most annoying moments in PUBG Mobile in short. This episode is a compilation of Hackers and their notorious hacks/ cheats in PUBGM.

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15th episode of PUBG Mobile Funny Moments with clips of Glitches, Bugs, Fails, funny voice chat, Trolling & win compilation altogether.

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Thanks to those awesome people who sent me their clips/ gave me permission to use their…


  1. Calling them hackers is an insult to the actual hackers irl. I bet these puny shitpots doesn't even know how computer works let alone hack a gam/ software. Also you get to see same kinds of exploits used by many players regardless of where they from (India , China , Pakistan, ME, EU whatever ). Also I met few of them and in every case they had this exact same reply : I used to get killed by hackers so I became a hacker too . First it was few now it's a complete mess. Tencent should really work on their so called "Anti cheat engine" . It's a fun game ruined by these idiots and it's really unfortunate.

  2. si, en pubg mobile el hack mas usado es el de daño. me tienen matado con la AK de 3 tiros y eso teniendo el mejor casco/armadura…
    entoda partiea hay uno, le quita totalmente la gracia al juego 🙁

  3. All are hackers
    Wall hack, damage hack, health hack (m416 hit dmg is 41 so 5 hits to kill means extra hp

  4. I experienced 1 time when we just landing in barn and killed those 2 hackers and already have medkit(the one like briefcase) then only have 2 building there. Shame on them!!

  5. Player: Reports hacker
    Hacker: gets ban for 10 years
    2 months later: Hacker gots his account
    Player: gets perma ban for reporting hacker

  6. Sometimes it's really annoying if you put a "hacker or not" on a hacker scene. Not a hater but its just annoying

  7. Can we send videos of cheaters being caught to pubg mobile developers and how ?

  8. They should separate IOS users from android users, 90 % of the cheats are android users, let the android users cheat each other into oblivion.

  9. 4:50 sometimes I have noticed it you're to close to an outside wall your body actually glitches through and you can get hit. I've hit ppl b4 bc I could see a leg glitching through an outside wall.

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