PUBG Mobile Hack – FREE Unlimited Battle Points [Tested on Android / iOS]

Hello, in this vido tutorial i will guide you how to use pubg mobile hack to earn free pubg mobile battle points on ios and also andorid! This is the latest version of this hack that was released on 6rd of june, so you can use it with the latest version of pubg mobile.

So, if you want to hack pubg mobile, just watch this video and follow all the steps, it’s very important to follow everything you see, otherwise it won’t work.

Thank you for watching , i hope that you now know how to hack…


  1. Can you do this for me my ign is HaringGAGU, i'm using android

  2. They do this to get money, because the survey will ask you to buy something, so this vid is fucking fake 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  3. Do this for me if you love your Subsceibers

    Amount of bp-200000

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