PS4 Second Screen: How to use the iOS/Android app with your Playstation

Our PS4 Second Screen explainer reveals everything you need to know about Sony’s Playstation app for iOS and Android.

Learn how to download Second Screen app to your iPhone or Android smartphone and connect to your Sony PS4. We also show Second Screen in action and discuss its good and bad features. Do any Playstation games actually support Second Screen features? We’ve tried a lot of PS4 titles, with ‘not in use’ almost always the result!

Let us know your own Second Screen PS4 experiences…


  1. You didn't say what mirroring system you were have connection symbols up top ; but didn't say to do so first..

  2. Thanks. I use it to shut the PS4 off from upstairs when my kid starts raging ;). That's about all its good for.

  3. The second screen function should allow you to use your phone as just a screen. Similar to how the remote play works but you connect the controller to the phone not the phone to the controller. The phone just works as your screen to play on

  4. What’s the purpose of playing it on the small phone screen? I don’t get it.

    But! If there was a way I could play at work on my lunch break with out carrying the console to work! Now that would be just amazing.

  5. Ik that game at 4:23 I used to play it on PS3😭 I miss it so much!!! Fight and climbing up on the monsters and killing them

  6. Thank you for the video but sadly not the type of second screen i was looking for

  7. Is there a way to turn off the screen mirroring? I just want to use the remote function if possible

  8. When it’s called second screen but you can’t use it at a second screen wtf Sony 🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. It should at least show a HUD or a scorelist. Used it once powering off the PS4 from a distance.

  10. People if you want to control your ps4 through your phone thats what renote play is for.
    This is second screen from what I once hear you're supposed to see SOME games second screen. For example the rearview nirror of a car in gta. But I'm still having problems finding a list of games that support second screen

  11. Hi I am trying to get ps4 second screen app to work with a chromebook but it says another app needs updating but the app it says needs updating is latest version.

    if i try with my iphone it works fine

    it might work with an android tab ?

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