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  1. iDeviceHelp how to set on my iPhone logo on my iPhone home screen. Please tell me as soon as possible.

  2. Wait will someone will login to their account when my apple id is erased is it good or bad
    Cuz when someone finds ny phone and knows the passcode and enables the erase data will it be theirs or will it still have the apple id?

  3. Oldass info I have used this since I am using my iPhones and since the feature is available !!

  4. Often my little daughter is attempting to get into my devices, so your advice to erase data after 10 failed attempts should be used with great cautious.

  5. Your finger movement is totally distracting & unnecessary.

  6. My phone got hacked before, the passcode was either changed or just softlocked and I couldn’t get into my iPhone so I ended up clearing everything and backing up through a MacBook, please use this and make sure you back up regularly

  7. I dont want my data delete when my friends try to get into my phone😂

  8. Instead of setting a number and letter pass, you will lose your data because of some dumb friend. Terrible tip for most people

  9. This setting has been in iOS since probably iOS 7, also if you leave it off I thought it would just lock the phone until you erased it

  10. I do not look like my little brother very much but when I pucker my lips and open my eyes real wide face ID has no chance it thinks I am him even though he has a full head of hair and I am bald

  11. What is when a friend just make jokes and trying to find my Passcode out? After ten time my data’s will be deleted…

  12. If I have an alphanumeric password, is it impossible to hack?

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