Protect Your iPhone From Hackers

Your #iPhone is your baby, and the last thing you want is someone to steal or hack your baby! That’s why I created this video for the best ways to #protectyouriPhone from hackers.

Most of these steps can be done with a simple update in your settings, like setting up a passcode, performing all iOS updates, setting up two-factor authentication, Find My iPhone, Erase Data, and turning auto-fill off. There are a couple of apps you can download to avoid malware and ads, plus, I’ll tell you…


  1. Hey man thanks for the help I just have one question I download total av from the App Store and I’m scared I caught a virus bc all I did was make an account and that’s all I didn’t put credit card information on there or nun but I’m just scared I deleted it off my phone if it did have malware would it be gone by me deleting off my phone ?

  2. I am very sure there is nobody in this world who is more careful then myself with his device still on Feburary 5th 2018 morning 8.30 my that time 5 months old iphone 7plus 256gb was hacked with a sudden unknown iCloud lock which was never mine since I live in EU and where I live there is no real apple service but only sales representation so they couldn't help me but anyways after intense 2 weeks hassle contacting in Ireland my phone was back on track and then a news circled everywhere that Russian hackers hacked 7000 iPhones and I was one of the lucky ones , that is why I was surprised how the customer support became so super nice in second week and called me back twice as in the first time they were real assholes. In a nut shell we can do anything with hacking .. now I use BlackBerry key2 as my front guard and iphone 11pro as secondary phone.

  3. TY❣️Due to Apple contracting w/ their RIVALS now…😡specifically GOOGLE, AMAZON & MICROSOFT (Bill GATES who’s finding WHO who has been lying to us for YEARS about our food specifically meant and now this shit ) for AI! (It’s online and in Forbes magazine! 🙆‍♀️👎🏻🧐🤬) I noticed w/ 13.4.1 when u make a phone call and then go to maps app that exact phone call shows up for some reason! I have a new iPhone and all settings are secure and even Face ID disabled as well as Siri and all background app refreshed turned off. I also have 2 step authentication and my name keeps getting changed in hyper link at top of emails only with people who have gmail! ALSO, settings get changed in phone RANDOMLY especially in cellular data and iCloud backup. Waze app for FPS is especially bad at their permissions I presume cause they keep asking to access Bluetooth and turn on backup . What about Game Center? It shows up in my Apple ID settings saying I’m signed in. Our cellular company, US Cellular said they AND the FCC are putting a “Potential Spam” in our called ID with certain callers and it’s ONLY dong it with APPLES one and only 800 number!! 😫yet it lets all others by! In addition, people’s personal family contacts are gong MISSING out of their new iPhones while others get scrambled with other contacts not even used regularly at all OR show up in caller ID as UNKNOWN!! I have a case opened with Apple EXECUTIVE as supposedly Apple Engineers DO NOT call customers and one not only called me but it was hard to understand his English and he was supposed to call me back as calls kept getting dropped and I got BLOCKED on my apple support app and get an error message to request assistance with another topic but get same error message so have to call the slow way and wait ! It’s CRAZY and especially at this time it’s NOT COOL!!! All my print screen shots are blurry when sent to Apple users but crystal clear when an Android user receives one! I think GOOGLE is hacking people’s iPhones via the MAIL app through their mail client server. How else would my name keep getting changed in emails ?

  4. As long as you’re an advanced hacker and know your stuff! You’ll be fine doing jailbreaking. Don’t just install everything in Cydia

  5. Ok so someone snatched my phone and hacked it. Could you tell me how to delete the malware etc shit they put in it?

  6. Hi, so last week on Monday I accidentally fell for a messenger phishing message that made me enter my email and password. Now I’m just worried that the hacker has access to my wifi, my devices, and my ip addresses. Do u have any tips?

  7. i was in a youtube video and my finger accidentally clicked a link to a obviously fake website in the comment section. everyone in the comment section kept saying “this is virus don’t click!” and now i’m scared. will i be okay? is my iphone hacked?

  8. hey, i’m very paranoid that someone has hacked my phone, how do i make this go away?

  9. hello, i have a question! i was just trying to convert my youtube link to an mp4

    but i had it on the mp3 option the first time, which then opened another site and had a pop up which wanted me to download this app called “mega shield”, which i downloaded, turned on all switches in the app to enable high security, and now im here panicking. am i safe? i’m really scared 🙁

  10. What If my I phone turn off then apps change their places by itself?? Please I’m really looking for your reply.
    Thank you in advance

  11. Hi there, I have some q's. If the phone got hacked, does factory reset gonna do anything? Thank You.

  12. Hey I have a question. I clicked a link on quora on accident and it open my Apple iTunes or music. Should I be worried

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