Privacy on Android: A Definitive Guide

Magisk ZIP and Magisk Manager:
NanoDroid Stable:
P.S. Instead of NanoDroid you can use Lineage for microG:
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01:52 Google knows where you live, work and your ‘secret interests’:…


  1. UPD: As some people in the comments pointed out, on some devices re-locking the bootloader after making modifications to the firmware is dangerous and can actually brick your phone. Please proceed with caution and always do your research before doing anything dangerous with your device.

  2. so iwth ROM you mean I need a CD-ROM? I will check in my garage

  3. The one TWRP I installed asks for device pin every time you try to enter TWRP and decrypt storage to mount.

  4. /g/'s take on Android: The Video. Not that it's a bad thing, but I never thought I'd find a video like this here.

  5. This was great, very informative. Hope to see more on phone security and privacy.

  6. 23:47 Titanium Backup should work as well
    Edit: Looks like you have installed titanium backup on your phone, why didn't you mention it?

  7. Would you mind covering OpenVPN a bit more? I also found Riseup VPN, and I'm not too sure about that one.

  8. What keyboard do you recommend to use with Lineage?
    I really don't want ANY google app on my phone, not even gbloard

  9. Hi, MiA2 Lite user here — is there any particular ROM you'd recommend? Most are not maintained anymore (which means no security patches) or are obscure unofficial builds. It has Treble support iirc, how well does it behave with generic GSI builds?

  10. When in doubt, in Mozilla we trust and when Mozilla is being a B!Tch, in Tor we trust and when none work, full-scale war mode sudo su root, freeze apps like a boss, throw up the finger, hit the VPN button, throw up a DNS filter +Adaway.

    4,000kb of data per service… over 200 services+apps. Scariest shit ever going to Android 9 and then Q on my pixel2. Watching Google lay the pimp hand down when it decided to OTA with airplane mode on with no services or data allowed,I shit my self when my rom manager says
    " rooted not detected"

  11. Wolfgang, you rushed the apps you recommend to download. I recommend you create a walkthrough series.

  12. Great video man. I've been watching similar stuff since the original Droid. This might be the most useful and informative content i have seen. Thank you for all the background information supporting the entire concept of privacy and our lack there of on various platforms.

  13. do you mind if I repost this non profit I can refer people to your channel?

  14. Just subbed thanks for the vid mate have you herd of the hated one channel do you have an email

  15. Checkout XPrivacyLua 🙂 It's an xposed module (which can be installed systemlessly if using the magisk module EdXposed) that allows you to send back fake bullshit to apps that won't work without the permissions enabled, it's also more detailed then the normal android permission system.

    But you made me seriously consider getting rid of google as much as I can.

    Our data is ours!

  16. Quick question.
    What if I use android phone without sign in to my Google Account, disable all Google apps on my phone and only use Open Source apps from FDroid. Does it safe? At the moment I am doing that.

  17. The only good phone that is convenient to use but also cares about privacy is the iPhone (at least in my case), I know it's proprietary and you can never really know for sure, therefore you need to basically trust Apple, but I don't care since it offers a good balance between convenience and privacy

  18. Great guide!
    I tried to live google free life on android but let me be honest, it’s unusable without google services. Apps break and while some custom roms are even more stable (Lineage OS) than stock one, there are a lot of unstable roms.

    The best solution for this would probably be something iOS like sanboxed os, where every app can be restricted individually.

    Smartphone is a tool for me, so I decided to trust Apple and their word for keeping my data secure, because if they fail at this, I will see that in the news.

    I think the right OS for privacy paranoids is Sailfish. It now has the Android 8 app support and I’ve seen it marketed towards government’s as more secure option. You can quite easily gain root level access on it, but the only problem with it is probably stability? I haven’t seen any recent review or any video that shows it in action. I have been thinking to buy a (sony) smartphone just to try it out and possibly make video about it.

    If you read this far, feel free to leave a comment

  19. Please give a suggestion to how protect the camera from being hacked. I always feel someone is watching me 😂
    Right now I'm using lensCap app but I don't know if it works
    I'm rooted so i always have concern about camera

  20. YouTube vanced I'm using but microg is using a lot of battery. It almost drain my battery 😑

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