Powerful GPU Rendering Performance with NVIDIA Quadro RTX

Designers and artists need more rendering power and performance than ever to keep up with increasingly large and complex content creation. While this pushes traditional CPU rendering to the edge, GPU rendering delivers the smooth, interactive, ultra-fast experience professionals need to keep the creative momentum going. See the difference for yourself as we compare CPU and GPU rendering across some of your favorite professional applications. Learn more:…


  1. The price of 128 cores amd is half that .. Very ridiculous for rendering.Even more silly for the game

  2. Well it's not a thousand times faster than CPU as you would expect with the higher core count of the GPU

  3. Who fuck1n cares about whatever when you guys still dont g1ve a f1ck about fixing all the issues we have on videogames these days? like extreme shimmering, flickering, bad aliasing, bad shadow casting, etc, etc, etc, etc… sorry, but dont expect from me to buy any expensive videocard ever again. AAA games are not AAA games anymore anyways, and im just really ashamed that people keep buying videogames, expensive cards and screens just for the sake of it, filling your arks. Of course we need to give thanks to the non- brained DX11 gamers generation for it.

  4. It's better to buy AMD epyc or thread ripper and do fast multi-core rendering that buying this joke.

  5. This demo is like a bus company presenting their new fancy bus and showing off how it is better at transporting a big group of people than a motorcycle.

  6. my dream is to visit nvidia's headquarters someday, it would be amazing.. See all the enginners, their work, vga being made… just a dream, iam getting old and a know it won't concretize, just in my imagination. greetings from brazil

  7. for me NVIDIA is the most advanced technology company in the world… i wish my brazil has something even close to that

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