Power User Apps – Rawad's Favorite Top 5 Root Apps


Swift Installer:

Simple Root Check:


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  1. Dude are Americans dumb?? Why are Indians taking over the tech world??? Surely there are some smart Americans wtf bro every tech video is a fucking Indian wtf why

  2. Hlo xdatv I have problem with my asus Zenfone 5z in rooting process one guy from u tube told me to approach u & he told that they can help u the problem andI'm explaining the process from where I started the process to where I'm facing the problem (First of all I have downloaded latest firmware which matched to my mbl firmware it's ww file & then downloaded the payload dumper & magisk (in the mbl) after that I extracted the two zip files & I copied the payload.bin in payload input folder after that in ran the exe file as administrator & I waited till automatically it gets closed I went to payload output folder & copied boot img file into my mbl after that opened magisk it asked for some updates after that I selected the boot img file which I copied in my mbl from PC after finishing in magisk I again copied the magisk patched_boot .img file into the PC & opened the powershell in the folder where I copied the patched_boot.img file by pressing shift+ right key & I typed the command fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img and pressed enter from there when I pressed the enter key instead of showing waiting for device it showing something like the 'fastboot' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet. & Something

  3. Hi, is there an available magisk xposed module for samsung s8 exynos running on adndroid pie?

  4. One of my must have root apps is Titanium Backup. Even though I didn't try out so many backup apps, it's still my nr.1 backup solution.

  5. Hello !!!
    I have rooted my note4 sm-n910h version 6.0.1 with odin but i didn't install any costum recovery..
    To increase connction 3G and save more battery by apps or by editing build prop but i have problem ???
    Fx show me that i can't save the modification Contrary Root Explorer and BuildProp editor and no change in 3G
    App 3G/4G Speed Optimizer show me that my phone not rooted ???? I verified with root checker
    I tried internet speed master and Internet Booster & Optimizer no result.
    And more about busybox
    I need some answers please
    Thank u

  6. Migrate is better because it does everything that Backup+ does for free. I've switched ROMs like 15 times and it's worked every time

  7. I found out about Swift installer 2 days ago through substratum and i immediately started using it after then and this is probably my favorite theme engine but i would like to see the developers do more to make this app greater and I'll start using Adway from this video

  8. I'm still trying to figure out how to root my tmobile s8 plus 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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