Portable OS on a Flash Drive! – Bootable Android Operating System

You have no idea how useful it is to carry around an operating system on a flash drive. It basically allows you to turn any computer into your computer. Simply by plugging in your flash drive and restarting any computer, you get your own operating system, your own files, your own apps, on that computer, and you can bypass any restrictions or time limits or any nonsense put in place on that computer because the computer is running completely off your flash drive. So how do we make this…


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  2. it's not clear what you did.guess just extract .any way i extract file and then lunch app try to add image file in to it..but app doesn't show this image file where i extract

  3. after completing all process
    i selected boot 1 as usb
    boot 1 as internal HDD
    but when it not start and error says

  4. Very good, I use this system via USB, Linux as a secondary system and windows in the primary, three in one kk

  5. Hello, so I have a separate usb flash drive for Windows 10 and so if I don’t like this android operating system on my pc, can I change it back to Windows with that flash drive? Thanks. Ur videos are amazing.

  6. Okay Jason, this was good one, we come to good tricky question, how to add Android Launcher, and apk to run my old dell as android box for travel…?

  7. this is only practical for pc's you have full control of since switching the bootable source may require administrator permissions which most pc's in hotels and workplaces have. anyhow, will this work on a raspberry pi 4? if not can this be done on an sd card to insert on a raspberry pi 4 that way you don't have to switch the bootable source?

  8. Can you still use the bootable flash drive as a regular flash drive?

  9. Can you please help, does this overwrite the existing os. Like if the computer has windows 10 or something on it will it overwrite that?

  10. Is it possible to have Minecraft on this? (java edition)

  11. How long does it takes to load the remix os screen when using a 10mb/s write speed flash drive?
    I felt like forever :'(

  12. plz tell when i first installed remix os on hard drive it erased my whole hard drive and if i will intall it on flash drive will it erase my data

  13. But… But… That's too simple and too perfect for me not to become confused and stuck with a convoluted mess! I even had my cat watch this and make a bootable OS USB Thumb Drive with persistent storage… It's too easy to get lost within the instructions… Oh, wait! I forgot "easy" is a good thing. Good job and thanks!

  14. You failed to mention that the USB flash drive will be reduced to 3MB flash drive. How do I get my functioning 16GB USB back? Windows cannot format it to 16GB anymore, only 3MB.

  15. I just downloaded this file and I am about to try it out! I think that it looked very cool!

  16. Fuck android it doesn’t work wast of time piece of shit android

  17. does not work with amd pc only older version that does not support some games is there a android os that boots on amd oc o.e.m system

  18. does it save our progress ?
    I've tried installing to my ssd to multiboot and so far none is working.. (android x86 and bliss OS)

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