Pokemon Go – Pokeball HACK AIMBOT

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* Tasker:
command: input swipe 533 1668 530 856 ( change numbers to your own coordinates )

Questions? Leave me a message.

This tutorials needs a ANDROID PHONE + ROOT!!


  1. i need the input for an LG K7 the pointer thing is not an option in developer options

  2. I can't envision this actually working these days, because with AR on, or off, the newest update has put the pokemon at varying distances to prevent these things now. I suppose it's possible to have different Tasker profiles set up, but really it seems like a lot of work just to throw a pokeball…

  3. For those having problems with this, switch it around so the toast pops up after the swipe or just get rid of it altogether. Happy hunting 🙂

  4. Can't get it to work. With root permissions after a shake i get the 'alarm' Fire!!!! message, however somehow the swipe is not executed. Any suggestions?

  5. Can Anyone Put A full video how to do this aimbot….Or…. Please write the steps here…..PLS

  6. Great idea. Is there any way to always get a nice, great or even excellent throw?

    Edit: Isn't there a problem with this since different Pokémon have different points where you need to hit them?

  7. Zou je ook nog kunnen instellen dat de bal nog even blijft ''hangen'' totdat de cirkel op zijn kleinst is? Voor de rest echt een handige tutorial!

  8. Werkt mooi, maar je vergeet hierbij dat sommige pokemon dichterbij staan en sommige erg ver weg! enkel bij deze afstand kan je dus deze aimbot gebruiken. Je kan natuurlijk meerdere profielen aanmaken met verschillende acties(shake lef-right , shake up-down, etc…). Maar dat zullen er dan een stuk of 4 / 5 worden.

    Works great, but you forget that some pokemon are closer than others and some are further away! only at this distance you can use this aimbot. You could create more profiles with different actions (shake lef-right , shake up-down, etc…). Only that would be like 4 or 5 profiles.

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