Pokemon Go Cheat/Hack for Android – Use a Joystick, WORKS on v0.35.0!

Here’s a demo of how you can play Pokemon Go without every leaving your house and with a virtual joystick using Pokemon Go Hack for Android. This cheat/hack requires an Android device with root & Xposed installed.

WORKS on v0.33.0 and 0.35.0!

No more accidents/deaths caused by Pokemon, keep your kids safe by helping them play Pokemon Go inside your house on the couch. Also this is a great way to play Pokemon in countries like Thailand/South Korea where it is not officially supported or…


  1. I hate how this person is justifying cheating. if you think this game is dangerous, stick to the gameboy version. DONT CHEAT!


    I am having a difficult time… bouncing around from page, to page, to artcile, to page, to links, al of it is very confusing and android terminology is way too complicated… Can you please show how to Instal (FROM START TO FINISH IF POSSIBLE) Xposed, deodex, firmware, etc. on a galaxy s5 that is jailbroken? I am having the most difficult time and I just want to play Pokemon go…

  3. This vid is pure trash. The latest working version has been published just search " antezguides " in google.

  4. This version of the tool isn't doing the job anymore. Right here is the new edition of the cheat all you need to do is to search " antezguides " in google.

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