Pokemon go android joystick xposed module

***perfom the hack at your own risk. I wont be responsible for blocked profiles. if you point fingers on me coz your game crashed then ill laugh at you***

pokemon go :
xposed module :
xposed installer :

different heaven nekozilla
download :…


  1. you dont need xposed in order to get this to work download a fake gps app then select mock in settings tjen go in the app (fakegps) and take the location then go to pokemon go. thank me later.

  2. how can i set ‘device only' in location on lava iris atom2????? (4.4.2) android version.

  3. nah you don't need to do that I watched another channel doing something like this and he did it awesome

  4. Hope all user of such cheat meet the ban hammer. Cheating ruins the game experience, the purpose is to get you off your fat ass and walk… lol… Pathetic.

  5. you forgot to mention that hide my root should also be installed or you can get banned from game iff root is detected.

  6. I get a blank map… also the map on the game is like a sea. HELP

  7. when i installed it said "Have you rebooted ur phone?" but u said to enable the module, but it wont let me check the enable button

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