Pocket Tripod – The only phone tripod you need

A tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases. The Pocket Tripod is a card-size tripod for your phone that can adjust to any angle.

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The Pocket Tripod’s unique patented design allows it to pack the functionality of a full-size photography tripod into the size of two credit cards. Transforming it from a card to a phone tripod is as easy as a twist and flip.

Never again be left…


  1. I have the Samsung s7 with the otterbox commuter case and tempered glass. Which size do I need?

  2. Hello, I'm a backer for a couple of the new Pros. Please update me on when You will be delivering your new product. I'm reading a LOT of upset comments from other backers. Answer please.

  3. I'm interested in being a dealer of your product. I own an accessory store for cell phones in Chile.
    I hope your answer.

  4. looks intresting. i tryed to find it on ebay but there comes up other tipods and not this one. where can i find this and see the price? and what would shipping price be to sweden?

  5. If steve wozniak came up with the idea, the price would be 100 bucks instead because it would have an apple logo on it.

  6. Even after you get the gist of this thing (which is pretty cool), it's worth sticking around for the view starting at 3:04

  7. I order this 2 weeks ago and still haven't gotten mine. tried contacting customer support and no luck. what's up with that?

  8. I'm 99% the voice-over of this video is the same guy who voiced my 'reusable spacecraft launch vehicles' video

  9. What's the difference between pro and regular? I'm trying to buy one but I don't understand what the pro versions are. Why are the pro versions cheaper??

  10. '
    that be nice a pagerphone on the display stand…
    but the digitalcamera cannot fit at all…
    only slim thin digitalcamera can fit

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