Playing PUBG Mobile FPP on Apple iPad Pro 2018 12,9" model at map Sanhok Gameplay (Best iOS game)

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This video will showcase some PUBG mobile FPP Gameplay on the map Sanhok. I am Dropping in Bootcamp where we stay most of the game. Final battle will take place by the bridge west of Bootcamp. We get 23 kills. Playing PUBG Mobile on Apple iPad Pro 2018 12,9″ model. This is truly one of the best iOS games! ❤️ Subscribe!

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  1. Bro as you are using 12.9 inch model I have few questions:
    Is it too big and heavy?
    Does it fit inside a backpack?

  2. Damn your channel is based on flexing!
    I cannot even afford a newer iPhone than my 6s.

  3. Не,ну пацан кросс,даже я так жестко ботов разваливать не могу)9)9

  4. i disliked because of you just say in your background subscribe to pewdiepie 🖕 but what now India wins (T series) wins 😍😍 now don't mess with india again
    Baap Baap hota hai 😂😂

  5. Health 30% Health kit available , plenty time available to heal but this guy doesn't heal up this is the kind of confidence you get when you have the best device 😂

  6. The only reason i disliked this video becoz he told subscribe to pewdiepie!!!… Fuck u loser… India's t-series has won.

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