Playing Online Games with My GIRLFRIEND during Quarantine

We still got nothing to do so i challenged Sonia to play games with me. Not that way of course :p

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✨We both grew up in Delhi
✨We love Eating
✨We’re obsessed with photoshoots
✨We kinda live together
✨Yash is 24 y/o & Sonia is 23 y/o
✨Equipments We use for making this video: …


  1. Meko notification hi ni mili😒…. Anyways you guys are funny….nd ol the best ur channels are growing 🌼 Soon ur will get millions of subscriber Phir meko reply ni milegi comment me😅

  2. I love fire boy and water girl. I have finished all the levels of it with my sister. You made me nostalgic.

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