Unboxing, camera test and review of Google’s Pixel 3 smartphone, an Android Pie flagship handset with premium specs, clever optics and a rather outrageous UK asking price.

The Pixel 3 from Google boasts impressive performance thanks to the Snapdragon chipset, while the vanilla Android experience gets a thumbs up – many of the glitches we caught early on have thankfully been fixed via various updates. That camera tech hasn’t been improved much over the Pixel 2 sadly, beyond the dual lens…


  1. Hello Recombu,
    I can not decide which of the two devices I should buy? I'm shaking between the Pixel 3 and the OnePlus 6t. Which of the two devices would you recommend to me? Battery life would be important to me and the camera should also be good.

    Lg Niki from Berlin

  2. What was underwhelming was that attempt at a TRUMP joke. It's idiotic to alienate a large percentage of viewers, but I guess that's just how a libtard's brain functions.

  3. Sticker Jobby. Haha my new favorite word! By the way I love that you The Seven Deadly Sins, maybe you're just using it as an example to showcase the Pixels display but either way nice choice!

  4. Lucky me, I haven't suffered from the laundry list of problems that you've managed to come up with.

    Happy Brexit Chris.

  5. Hey buddy, get your facts straight, the back is all glass. And also, the phone is cheaper than most flagships and runs just the same. Your Bluetooth connection would be stronger if you connected while the phone had more than measly 5% try it out at 90%

  6. First time watching and last time the video was informative but you're lame attempt at humor and a trump joke completely turned me off swing and a miss!! Too bad πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  7. Just returned my 3xl screen brightness dim speakers sound muffled and the battery life is bad ….hello note 9

  8. I have the pixel 3 xl.. had more bugs with my note 8 then I experienced on this device after two weeks. Looking forward to security updates monthly.. reviewers hardly touch on security.. but most reviewers audience don’t care about that.. if you use android on pixel always gets the updates first.

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