phone charging | how to charge your phone faster | save battery | in Telugu | by patan

phone charging : In this video I explained about phone charging and save battery tips given.By using these tips we can improve our phone charging and we can save battery.

save battery : To save battery of android mobile a must follow tips given.By using these phone charging tips WE can turn on airplane mode , switched off while phone charging , use black wallpapers to save battery.

Android batteries are of two types.Li-ion and li-polymer types.To save battery we have to take care…


  1. Bro naadi celkon ufeel 4g 85% varaku charging melligaa ayipothundi ika 85% tharvatha half an hour lo decrease avuthundi enni tips try chesina workout avvatledu deeniki edho oka solution cheppu bro please battery boost up valla set avuthunda

  2. Anna naa mobile InFocus turbo 5 charging kavadaniki 10hours avuthundhi Anna y problem

  3. Nice video. Brightness control & dimmer app ni vadutunnanu. Below 0 level lo unchutanu standby lo vunnappudu, Correct a ? Device ki safe a?

  4. Sir my mobile charging chesthante adhi up and down avuthandhi charging teesinappudu vacche sound vasthandhi please solve my problem my mobile name redmi4

  5. Anna nade coolpad mobile charging chala late ga akkuthondi one hour petina 5% akkutundi Anna plzz give me solution bro

  6. new mobile ki use chesi na taruwata charging pettala leka charging petti na taruwata use cheyala…please reply

  7. hiiii annaya naa mobile asus Zenfone Max 5000 battery internet vaduthe 2 averse aguthundhi battery yela 1day yela use cheyali chuppu plss call me number 9701992147

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