Phil Shadlyn: I Wrote an App with Architecture Components

While in town for Chicago Roboto, Huyen sits down with Phil Shadlyn, Android developer at Shopify, to talk about using the Android Architecture Components in a real Android application.


Phil Shadlyn

(0:42) Samsung Galaxy S2 | Wikipedia

(0:52) I Wrote an App with Architecture Components
| SpeakerDeck


  1. Thanks for hosting the talk Huyen! I have been studying a lot from these videos.

  2. Great video! I've tried Room which turned out to be straightforward to use separately from the other arch components, but definitely look forward to trying out the others at some point 💪

  3. Thanks for talk Huyen! I have a question, I'm refactoring my app to use the new architecture components. First thing I did was to move all the logic into a ViewModel, but since I needed to use string and drawable resources I needed Context so I switched to AndroidViewModel. But now my Android components are not separated from my logic which was the whole point of doing this. What is the best way to access Android resources within the ViewModel and when is it recommended to use AndroidViewModel? Any help would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks!

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