PDF Viewer – How to Add PDF Files in Android Apps | Android Studio Tutorials

In this tutorial i will show you how to add PDF files in android studio for Android Applications . Just add PDF Viewer library from github
It’s simple and better way to add differernt books in android application . You can add multiple pdf files or books in android application.
With the help of PDF Viewer Libary we easily add pdf files in android studio for android apps

Link PDF Viewer Library:

If you face any problem Feel free to ask


  1. bro app is working fine but how do i add pdf files from my phone to the app directly?

  2. great tutorial very helpfull. Could you give example code viewing pdf file from my drive? thanks

  3. Bhai jab ma pdf file par click karta hu toh open hojata ha and sudden2 sec badh crash then start then crash i open run method file
    E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: PDF renderer
    at android.graphics.Bitmap.nativeCreate(Native Method)
    at android.graphics.Bitmap.createBitmap(Bitmap.java:640)
    at android.graphics.Bitmap.createBitmap(Bitmap.java:620)
    at com.github.barteksc.pdfviewer.RenderingHandler.proceed(RenderingHandler.java:111)
    at com.github.barteksc.pdfviewer.RenderingHandler.handleMessage(RenderingHandler.java:73)
    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:99)
    at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:137)
    at android.os.HandlerThread.run(HandlerThread.java:60)
    this is error please solution

  4. hi i add 2 pdfs in my app and app size become 20 mb but my pdf size is less then 500 KB

    WHY this happen?

  5. Sir is application mine admob ads laga kar play store pe published kar sakte hay ham

  6. Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    if the title is english,
    the video should be too.

  7. 1.Hello Brother, Can you post the "intent" codes here. In the video it is not clear.
    2.When I upload the pdf into the asset folder, it has a question mark. Why?

  8. Thanks for the tutorial, it's great!!
    Although I don't understand your language, the tutorial is so simple and clear that I need no language to catch the essential.
    Thanks again. Great job….

  9. Sir agar ham quran sharif jo pdf me mere pas hai usko Android app me vew Kar sakte hai plzzzzzzz waisi mere pas bahut book है jo pdf me hai usko app bana chahte hai aur 100mb ke uper ki pdf file hai hoga??????
    Reply me

  10. Hello, brilliant video, can you show how to change the pdf to landscape mode within the app please. Thank you

  11. Please tell me how to reduce the app size. Its size 8 time bigger then the pdf file.

  12. How to load file from downloaded folder? Instead pdf.fromAssets(), what function to use?

  13. Can you please make a video to make a app for chapter wise multiple book holdings

  14. Hi, thanks for your video, please, how can I download that same pdf in the internal memory of the device and not see it in the same app

  15. After Changing screen orientation from Portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait activity restarted . Please solve this problem .

  16. Hi great tutorial man Thanks! tell me ..is it possible to load PDF URL with this Library?

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